Sunday, December 2, 2007

B (C) S

Wow. Has there ever been a more pointless mess than the BCS this year? I swear this is exactly why I hate college football. OSU will be number one, which aside from my obvious and intense bias, is hilarious, because NO ONE outside of the state of Ohio thinks they are the best team in the country, yet dozens of hacks will vote them as #1. People, it's not standings. IT'S A POLL ABOUT WHO YOU THINK IS THE BEST. So man up, voters. Vote for USC. Is there any honest voter in the country that wouldn't have USC as a favorite in a game against OSU? If not USC, who? Georgia or Kansas? They didn't even play in their own conference championship game. LSU? Are you serious? I know the SEC is tough, but they haven't looked impressive in weeks. Even their great wins were squeakers.

Don't talk to me about money. The joke is that a playoff would make more money for the NCAA than they can possibly imagine. The university presidents 15 years from now will openly mock their myopic predecessors for failing to do what needed to be done. Why does EVERY LEVEL of NCAA football have a workable championship, but the schools with the most resources can't figure out how to pull it off.

Don't talk to me about the bowls. The bowls suck. If bowl games were actually important, why would coaches routinely quit BEFORE the games. The bowls are such a joke, that coaches decline to even coach in them. All they do is give schools an extra month of practice.

Don't tell me that it's too hard to figure out who the best 8 or 16 teams are. Look, it's true someone might get screwed, but the odds are long that in an 8 or 16 team playoff that the true #1 would get left out. Mistakes will be made, but at the end, we'll have a pretty freaking good idea who the champ is.

Don't tell me how important every game is in college football or how great the atmosphere is. College basketball has amazing atmosphere, and games feel incredibly intense even in November and December. They also have a championship. Under a playoff, teams STILL HAVE TO WIN. They would have to win to get a home playoff game perhaps, or to win their conference. You could even keep the stupid pointless bowls if you wanted. All the teams not in the playoffs could play in them. You could have the Championship game at the Rose Bowl if you wanted. It doesn't take much creativity to have a workable system.

This is the first year in a long time I've had the chance to watch college football. I realize now that I haven't missed much.

Demond Sanders: Pick the bigger screw job: the Big Ten Network, the NFL Network, or NCAA Football? I'm going with choice C, the entire sport of College Football.


Anonymous said...

Given a choice b/w the old system with conference champs tied into bowls and championships decided completely by brain-dead poll voters, I'll take the BCS every single time. The original BCS was better than the latest version.

The people who complain about the computers and forced the BCS to rely more on the polls did a terrible thing to the sport. And since the school presidents will not agree to a playoff, those who hope the BCS gives bad results are just hurting the sport.


HeatherRadish said...

Playoffs seem to work just fine for lower divisions (curse you, Blue Hens!).

I'm more interested in when those college presidents are going to stop pretending semi-literate football and basketball players are "students" seriously pursuing a degree and admit they're exploiting unpaid (mostly black men from less-than-affluent backgrounds--if a for-profit corporation did this there'd be hell to pay) labor to make millions of dollars for their schools. Yes, there are notable exceptions, but not many.

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colts girl said...

I just have to ask:

What about Hawaii? They're undefeated, and while they don't play the really tough teams, part of that is due to the refusal of "bigger" teams to play them. They'd take the opportunity if it was given.

No losses, yet ranked behind teams with several (at least three in some cases).

I don't know that a playoff system is the answer, but it just seems dreadfully unfair to the Rainbows...