Monday, December 3, 2007

For the fans of irony

Ron "Jaws" Jaworski thinks that Randy Moss took some plays off versus the Eagles last week. That doesn't sound like the famous "Patriot Way" that we have been hearing about for 7 years. After seeing a few of the alleged plays on ESPN it appears Jaws is correct. It's not that big of a surprise, given this has been Randy's m.o. since his days with the Vikings.

The Patriots won the game so in one sense it doesn't matter. The bigger question is whether the club would come rushing to their teammate's defense. The talk before the season was that the New England locker room would drop the hammer on Moss if his old behavior reared its head. Moss was one misstep from the unemployment line. A lot can change in 13 weeks.

Who needs who more? Tom Brady's response says it all: You go out and tell a world-class sprinter to run 50, 50-yard dashes, the idea is 'you better have it when you need it.' And Randy is a smart player and he knows when he needs it," Brady said.


jc said...

The Patriot Way also includes not throwing your teammates under the bus.

I'm sure behind closed doors it was handled differently.

DZ said...

I'm sure Ted Johnson appreciates not being thrown under the bus. Oh wait...

JC said...

Teddy: Take some Aleve and shut up.

Ian said...

Do you guys think Peyton is at home watching this Monday Night Game just licking his chops? The Baltimore offense is cutting up their ancient D, I can't even imagine what we're going to do.

JC said...

Our LB's are old and out of place on just about every snap.

Adalius Thomas is a joke.

Good for Baltimore. Maybe they can hold on to THIS franchise.

Ian said...

That game was just laughable. I love it.

I hope Bill Belichick enjoys coaching the AFC Pro Bowl team this year.

zac said...

The Patriots are so lucky...its unbelievable.

DZ said...

Hmmm, Pats offense not nearly as effective with some wind. Check. Can't run the ball. Check. Can't stop the run. Check. hee hee. This is going to be fun.

Boston Bailey said...


Honestly what can you say about that?
DZ take your check and put it next to Baltimore. Pats beat Baltimore Check, Pats make Peyton pissed bc he is going to lose his records soon, check

Anonymous said...

boston bailey is an idiot, check.

Boston Bailey said...

NFL's New Rules - must read for crybabys
Body: In order to address the complaints and hurt feelings in the NFL, the commissioner has adopted these new 'Special Rules' :

1) In the course of an NFL game, if the Patriots go up by more than 31 points, they are not allowed to play offense until the opposing team draws to within one score. (Pats will kick-off after an opposing team's touchdown or FG).
a) Once the team is within one score, the Pats offense may play, but Tom Brady may not, unless

i) the Pats play with 8 players (including Tom), or

ii) the Pats play with 9 players, but 1 player for the Patriots is chosen by the opposing team from the stands.

b) no Patriots linebacker is allowed to play offense, unless that LB is inserted at quarterback. However, Mike Vrabel cannot be quarterback.

2) If an opposing player states 'It's like were playing 7-on-5s' (7 offense, 5 defense during practice), such as indicated by Justin Smith, DE, Cincinnati Bengels 10/1/07, the Patriots must take a time out and serve ice cold lemonade or hot tea (weather dependent) to the opposing team. Scones are optional.

3) Once the 31 pt rule is in effect, Patriots may challenge any play, but the opposing team gets veto power over the referee.

4) Once the Pats offense is allowed back onto the field (7 pts), for any forward pass the Pats QB must point to the receiver and call out his number BEFORE passing. If Tom Brady is quarterbacking at the time, he must do that, plus turn the opposing team's water cooler into wine BEFORE passing.

5) Belichick must diagram any Patriots play to the opposing defense and ensure they understand exactly how to disrupt the play. This all must be done within the play clock. If this process is not complete prior to the play clock expiring, the Patriots will be assessed a delay of game and double unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

6) Randy Moss must play with 10lb ankle weights on each ankle. An additional pound will be added for each TD this season.

7) Wes Welker is not allowed to have 'that crazy look' in his eyes. 10 yd, 'crazy eyes' penalty assessed.

8) Tom Brady must immediately stop dating supermodels as he will not be allowed to date anyone that is more attractive then the least attractive significant other of an opposing team member (including coaches). He also must start doing commercials for every product imaginable, especially ones where he chants 'cut that meat!' or refers to himself 'as a 6'5' quarterback with a laser-rocket arm'

9) Bill Belichick is not allowed to be within 100 yds of any infant, for fear that his evil supergenius powers would assimilate such a defenseless creature into the Patriots System. We have already seen this effect on an inordinate amount of chipmunks, squirrels, and 'possum that commit suicide while crossing Rte 1 to reach Gillette Stadium.

10) Patriots must respect all opposing players feelings and apologize for every first down. Touchdowns must be followed by a written apology and a fruit basket presented with a hug.

11) Any Patriots defensive player rushing and within 5 yards of the opposing team's quarterback must dance and sing two verses of the hokey pokey before making contact with said quarterback.

Bob M. said...

Oh Boston Bailey, do you recall a "Cheers" episode where Fat Eddie, a Yankee fan from the Bronx wanders into the bar, mouths off, gets walloped by Carla, sues her and the bar, etc? Think about it.

Do you enjoy feeling like something we'd like to scrape off our shoes with a stick? Your commentary exposes a serious self esteem deficiency and inferiority complex, coupled with a sad exhibitionism and risk-taking behavior. 150 years ago you'd lead a suicide charge in some nameless battle from horseback to earn your father's respect while you and your troops are sliced to ribbons.

Smarten up and go somewhere people might care about your opinions. And get a girlfriend. And pay your parents some rent--that basement space ain't free and unless you deflate them, those Brady blow-up dolls take up valuable space.