Saturday, December 15, 2007

Going blind

Eyes is some kind of intermediate state, and I have no idea if we'll get it up or not (it's been a long, full week). There is, however, some good, half written stuff that will make an appearance at some point or another. For now, satisfy yourself with this TREMENDOUS article from the footballoutsiders. I swear, these guys run the best site on the web.


colts girl said...

As someone who has only played football in the flag sense and only understands a fairly limited amount of formation-related jargon, I found this article really fascinating, informative, and well-written. Nice, guys.

Jacob Burch said...

great article--one must wonder if those guys aren't demi-gods of madden.

a small personal note--along with the poll possibilities, if you squint well, you will see my brother and i in the stands wearing #93 and #88 (cute how neither will play). not sure if we'll live through the event, but it will be a first nfl game live for both of us, let alone a colts game--the joy of being transplanted in LA and never being back home in indiana except in the summer

colts girl said...

I'll be on the lookout for you. Enjoy the game! And hey, enjoy the weather. It's snowing like crazy back here in the good ol' Circle City.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the really interesting part of NFL passing attacks is the process of reading the defense and converting the routes. It's critical that the QB and receivers see the same thing and react the same -- see San Diego game for what happens when they are not on the same page.

Even a simple 3 step pass play will have 3 or more conversion reads for each receiver (e.g. hitch vs. deep corner, slant vs. deep corner with LB sliding out, fade vs. CB in press coverage, etc.) Same play called in the huddle, three very different looking routes.


Anonymous said...

It is the conversion reads that overwhelm a rookie. See this on Gonzo.