Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm out of it for a few hours...

and Harrison practices, CHFF lauds a Colt, and the small market Colts win a competition to see who is the most watchable. Yikes.

Also, check out this fascinating article from Footballoutsiders about injuries. Huh, so offensive injuries hurt a team worse than anything huh? O-line injuries are devastating? Hurt LBs kill a defense? Hmmm, I wonder why I would be so confident about the Colts winning a rematch with the Pats? Maybe it's because we played the first game without our left tackle and two starting linebackers. Note that hurt WRs aren't as important as hurt linemen (which is why we've been downplaying Marvin). I wonder if a team would struggle a bit if it lost both tackles and a TE? Seems to be so. Finally, in honor of Marvin practicing, I give you this: (I've been saving it for months)


JC said...

CHHF gives Bob Sanders defensive player of the year honors.

I would agree. He's a freak.

colts girl said...

I love that video. I saw when it was originally posted elsewhere, and I had to watch it three or four times. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

re: effect of injuries

So they have figured out that injuries hurt a team the most when they occur at the positions that require the most intelligence, the most preparation and the most cooperation with teammates.

Who'd a thunk that those guys would be the hardest to replace?!


Have another beer.


Deshawn Zombie said...


Jessi said...

Clearly your best YouTube link yet. Awesome.