Saturday, December 22, 2007


I can't believe the Reds dealt Josh Hamilton. Look I know Cincy needs pitching, but letting Hambone go for anything less than Bedard is a mistake. Hamilton was an energizing player for the fanbase. I never missed his at bats. I bought his jersey. It looks like Edson Volquez has good stuff, but how do you trade a kid who just posted an OPS of .922 in his first full season of ORGANIZED ball in years? Oh, he has a cannon too. I realize he's 26 and a health/injury risk, but he was loaded with talent and had made good on it. Jay Bruce had better be a beast, or I'll be sick over this one for years. It feels like when the Reds dealt Paul O'Neill.

I can't believe the Pacers crapped out tonight. I should have titled this post "Pacer Poop". Frustration will work though.

So some chick named Lorena Ochoa won AP Female athlete of the year. I confess that of the top 10 vote getters I had heard of exactly three. I love latin culture, and I'm thrilled that a mexicana won, but it was shocking to me how utterly in the dark I am about women's sports. I knew Venus Williams, Justine Hennine, and think Candance Parker plays basketball on some level. I had zero clue who the other ladies were. Oh yeah, and I knew the chick who won the other AP Athlete of the year award.

That was an insanely long set up for that joke.


zac said...

Jay Bruce is a beast. So is Joey long as he gets a chance to play. If Homer Bailey makes the leap this year, then you guys will make noise in the Central

JC said...


And Josh Hamilton was the man, yayo or not.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I'm not a hater, I just...Screw it. Let's not start that again. I'm A HATER!

zac said...

I don't know why they didn't trade Dunn to make room for Bruce though. I assume Hamilton wouldn't cost nearly as much as Dunn, and Dunn certainly could have been a DH/1B in the AL.

As a Cardinals fan, I hope this works out poorly.

jessica said...

I liked your joke deshawn =)

Deshawn Zombie said...

I'm all over the map on Dunner. I've finally landed on the fact that his HR and OPS numbers are too sick to replace. He OUGHT to be a freaking 150 RBI guy, but he he's only a 105 RBI guy with 40 bombs. I guess we'll just have to live with it.

I think you have to get A LOT more for Dunn than they got in this deal. Dunn's contract is crazy reasonable (about 13 million). On the open market, he'd be pulling down closer to 18.

zac said...

Dunn doesn't get sick RBI totals because there aren't a whole lot of runners on base in front of him. Also, his low average and strikeouts lessen the chances of him driving in runs. His walks are extremely valuable, and help to offset his Ks, but usually you need to get a hit to drive in runs. If Dunn could hit even .275, and guys got on base at an average clip in front of him, his RBI totals would go up.

DZ said...

That's just my point. He's really close to being a beast. Instead, he's just sort of a monster. I guess I'm learning to be ok with that.

JC said...

The Reds are terrible.

Adam Dunn is an obese HR hitting Will Ferrell minus OBP, which Will Ferrell doesn't have anyway.

Bronson Arroyo is a clown. Believe me, I know. Not quite the level of Wily Mo Pena, but close.

Ryan Freel and Griffey Jr. have been "Beantown Bombers" staples since 2005 though, and I own Homer Bailey for $1 for the next two years. Hopefully he pans out.