Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Worst Possible Theory

Don Banks wastes virtual paper today writing about the Colts coaching situation and positing that it might be a reason for the team's struggles.

Can I be clear about something? Unless Jim Caldwell has been clubbing players in their sleep and ripping their hamstrings and popping their ACL's, he has had NOTHING to do with the Colts struggles. Unless Jason Garret took a shovel to Tony Romo's finger, I doubt he has either.

If the Colts were healthy and intact along the defensive and offensive lines, there would be no discussion about this team. There was only one game this year they looked unready to play (Green Bay). Several times, they've come out strong with their season on the line, and seem to still respond to their coach. Even in the Tennessee game, no one can argue that Dungy didn't have those guys up for the game. They folded late, but were toe to toe for three quarters.

The Colts problem is a lack of healthy talent. Some guys are playing hurt; others are just coming into form. If enough guys get healthy and in a groove, this team may yet be good. As for right now, 4-4 isn't bad considering some of the combinations they've had to run out there.

I think the media just gets bored sometimes.

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Bob M. said...

I thnk you're onto something. I'll stake out Caldwell's house tonight and keep my eyes peeled for bone-breaking, hamstring-pulling gizmos if he leaves after dark. I could see it happening--he secretly injures all the top players so the team is in a shambles, Dungy retires, then they all come back healthy next year and he looks like a genius when they go 15-1.

Hey wait... that IS genius! Evil, but genius.