Sunday, November 16, 2008

Colts Texans Live Game blog

Demond will be at the game today (Happy birthday, man), so I will covering things by myself. I liked the flow last week, so again, try to keep comments limited to mostly complete sentences. If we keep the "wow!" and "ooohs" to a minimum, it makes the chat easier to follow and read later.

If you are sure you want to participate today, email me at, and I'll send you an invitation to be a panelist. This frees up spots for more people to participate, as I can only auto clear 10 non-panelists at a time. Thanks.


Westside-Rob said...

Happy Birthday Demond! Hopefully the Colts will deliver you a Birthday present "W".

I'm stuck at a conference out in San Jose, CA (so no game coverage, just cell phone score updates today). But I have a good feeling about the Colts today. Enjoy the game today everyone!

Robert I. said...

Happy Birthday Demond. Lets get that win for your present!!

Demond Sanders said...

My namesake, Bob Sanders, is inactive today.

Shake'n'bake said...

Wayne, Mathis, Gonzo and Bethea and Ratliff are going so 5 of the 6 questionable starters are going.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if not for a Travis Johnson injury, how this game could have gone.

Is it really a coinicidence that the big fat interior DT goes down and suddenly, the Colts are popping off 10 yards a carry at times?

But the story is drops. If we catch all the balls clean, we embarrass them. Sage Rosenfields hooks up with Melvin Bullit at the end of the game, realising he had yet to throw a pick.