Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Linking up

I'm frantically scrambling to get our new house ready to move into, so my days (and energy) are shot. I may be without regular internet for as many as two weeks as I wait for installation, so if I'm AWOL a lot in the next several days, you'll know why. On the bright side, I have been told I have a fighting chance of having the Sunday Ticket ready this weekend. I'll take it.

Here's some links:
Peyton tops Quick Reads. The comment is dead on.

The Colts move up slightly in DVOA
. Note the schedule has been brutal, and it's going to get easier. This team may start to look a lot better just because they are playing worse teams.

PK shares Jim Fassel's thoughts on Colts Pats

CHFF says the Colts are on an insane pace. Too bad MJax is done.

Ask Vic is a hoot today.


Demond Sanders said...

Does anyone else have to keep reminding themselves that the Colts are an average team? It is like my brain doesn't want to believe it. I'm so used to assuming they will win every time out.

I know the Steelers are going to kill the Colts this weekend, heck, I'd like them even if Byron starts. But I'll still let myself get psyched up as if Manning is magically going to do it all by himself.

I think maybe after they get to 7 losses I'll finally accept it. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Everybody's average. It's called parity. The average team that becomes above-average in January wins the ring. Fun.

Demond Sanders said...

Most teams are average, but the Steelers aren't average. They played with a backup and still embarrassed a 6-2 NFC team in their own stadium last night.

Bob M. said...

Yeah, but their backup did BETTER than their starter against the same guys... so there is a reason. Or several. Among them, no game tape on Byron, he releases faster than Ben, and he had one monster 50-yard pass for his first toss. Take that ONE throw out and he had a better night than Ben, but a pretty ordinary one just the same. He matched up with the Skins better than Ben did, that's all.

Next week, the Colts KNOW him and his tendencies, etc, so there is no surprise factor. NO guarantee, but it helps.

Regarding SOS at FO, keep looking... just when I think our 4-4 team could make the playoffs despite mediocrity because our final sked is rated 26th, I then scan the other 5-3 and 4-4 teams in the AFC to see their SOS. Not good. Miami (32) SD (30) Buff (31) Den (29) NYJ (27). You gotta be kidding me, right? Will they all go 6-2 in the home stretch? Looks like 10-6 might NOT be enough (deserving or not, I'd like to keep at least the post-season streak alive and who knows, maybe get lucky and knock off Tenn--nobody thought Pitt was deserving at this point in 2005) Balt's SOS is #6, so that's encouraging.
OMG, poor Detroit's is #4. 0-16 anybody?

Bob M. said...

I take that back--removing his big pass play, Byron would be 6 of 9 for 80 yards or so with a TD and no INTs, still a good rating, but lame for an entire half's work.

Byron does not concern me. I'd prefer an injured Ben, of course.

Their D rush and our OL concern me. Also, our running game not protecting the passing game concerns me--if we go 1-dimensional, I will have my kids bury me in the sand. Head first.

Shake'n'bake said...

Careful on your wording with Ben v Byron release speeds. From snap to throw Byron is faster, but from decision to the ball leaving his hand there is no one slower than Fatty McButterPants

Anonymous said...

How many times have we seen a guy come off the bench and light it up!? Hell, Rex Grossman actually looked good filling in for Kyle neckbeard Orton (verses Detroit, cough cough). Being able to prepare for Leftwich, a guy we've faced plenty of times, should give us an edge on them. I think Ben is undervalued as a quarterback and they will struggle with leftwich. Their offensive system leaves NOBODY in to block the blitz, relying on the QB's ability to evade the blitzer or quick-throw. Will Leftwich be as good as Ben in this aspect? No way. If we bring the blitz this week, we will be able to score more points than them, and that will probably result in us winning the game. :)

Anonymous said...

DeAngelo Hall? Could we pick him up?

zac said...

Ask Vic was hilarious! Thats what our fanbase would sound like now if we didn't have a nine year history of being good.

Shake'n'bake said...

Re: Hall

Shake- Hall is not a good corner

he’s barely a starter. He makes the occasional big play, but that’s because he draws a lot of attempts (because of the aforementioned not goodness) and he gambles. He would be an awful fit scheme and personality wise.

SB Nation's Falcons Blogger- Nailed it

His attitude sucks. The only person DeAngelo Hall is interested in helping is DeAngelo Hall, which is why he ignores chances to actually cover receivers in order to jump routes and try for the pick. Some team will get a decent value with Hall, but they’ll have to have the right culture to completely drown him out, and they can’t believe he’s a #1 corner talent.

Bob M. said...

IIRC, Fatty McBP also has a lowish release, no? Comes in handy when your 4-foot-seven DE's are reaching for the ball.
True sign of a desperate football fan: he searches TV Guide's online listings to see if his team's game is televised in freakin' Hawaii. Wonder if I'll have to find a sports bar at 9 a.m....

Bob M. said...

Vic truly was funny... which concerns me. Was it intentional? If not, somebody should introduce this poor guy to a shrink. He sounds clinically depressed.

JC - ELECT said...

The Celtic's defense is ridiculous.

The State of Israel said...