Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eye've been busy

Hey, so what if Eyes in the Backfield is super late today. No one is reading this on a holiday weekend anyway, right? Here's a preview:

Another week, another miracle. In what once seemed to be a lost season, the Colts have stormed back to three games over .500 with a chance to put themselves on a serious roll. All that stands in front of them is a matchup with the inexplicable Cleveland Browns. The Browns are not devoid of talent, as proven by their prime time thrashing of the Giants, but still flounder near the bottom of the league, prompted up only by the Bengals in the AFC North. This week watch for:

1. Watch for the back-up who's really the starter, but only temporarily ...probably. The biggest story swirling around the Browns is their inscrutable QB situation. Two drafts ago, they traded up for Brady Quinn, only to start Derek Anderson (after trading Charlie Frye after one game). They then didn't trade Anderson, but rather signed him to a long term deal before benching him midway through the season, thus killing his trade value. They stuck with Quinn for two and a half games before head coach Romeo Crennel benched him mid-game and brought Anderson back. Now, Quinn is gone for the season with a finger injury, and the Browns have Anderson back. God only knows what Anderson is going to do on Sunday, but Colts fans certainly hope that he'll be as utterly confused by the cover-2 as he has been by his role in the Browns future.

2. Watch third down. Peyton Manning slaughtered the Chargers on third down last week and the Colts are once again leading the NFL in third down conversion percentage. Manning has made it brutal on teams trying to get the Colts off the field. The Browns have been better on third down than on first and second, which is usually the sign of a team that is actually worse than their record. That's a scary thought for Browns fans.

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Bob M. said...

Hey, I'm here, procrastinating when I should be working. Like always. I feel sorry for Browns fans--they DO have talent but are so inconsistent.
I guess one good matchup tomorrow should be Joe Thomas vs Dwight Freeney. And by "good," I mean like most of the Freeney/Ogden matchups EPCed on FO over the years, sort of the two-sack, six hurries variety. Okay, now I have to read the rest of eyes....

shake'n'bake said...

Charlie not Channing. Channing Fry plays (played?) basketball.

Nate said...

Both play QB about the same way

Deshawn Zombie said...

I'll change it