Monday, November 24, 2008

Make a note of it

I finally got a nap after only 2 hours of sleep last night, so I think I can form a few coherent thoughts about the game.

  • What kind of a season has it been when this is possibly only the third or even fourth most exciting game of the year? How do you rank these wins? The Colts are the best watch on TV. Between Minnesota, Jacksonville, Houston, Pittsburgh, and San Diego, the Patriots game (which was decided in the fourth quarter on a 50 yard AV FG) seems like crap. Amazing every week. I'm ready for a break.
  • This was a valiant effort by the defense. Yes, they completely wilted in the fourth quarter (which we all saw coming), but again, you have to feel like Bob Sanders stops at least one of those scoring drives. Bullitt is a solid replacement, who makes plays and mistakes. He's not Bob Sanders.
  • Tony Dungy is a great coach. He had the guts to try and go out and win the game, not once but twice on tough fourth down decisions that could have cost him. He coaches mostly without fear. I still wanted one more fourth down try early in the game, but I have no problem with what he did. His team has been destroyed by injuries at literally every position on the field in the last 12 months. He's going to post another double digit win season and guide his men to the playoffs. If this is it for him, he could not have gone out better.
  • The Colts have to get better to have a chance to win it all. The truth is that they are winning almost every game at the wire on Manning's will, Freeney's spin, and AV's cannon leg. The problems last night were obvious. There is no pressure at all ever up the middle. If Freeney and Mathis don't break free, there is no pressure. The secondary isn't sound enough to hold up under that kind of strain. On offense, Manning still is underthrowing deep balls which is making it tough on the offense. Jamey Richards played valiently, but wasn't as effective as Saturday. The O dominates on third and fourth and short, but at a key time Dallas Clark failed to block his man, and it almost cost Indy the game.
  • The Chargers have talent all over the field, but are run by clowns.
  • Tom Moore's passing routes have been amazing in their design.
  • When 18 says that 88 was the first option all the way on the two most important passes of the game, that says something. It's still hard for me to get away from how weak his numbers are, but who am I to argue with Manning.
  • No drops last night. The Chargers dropped the ball late and it cost them the game.
  • If we never see the Chargers again, it's all right with me. Oh crap, we'll most likely see them next year. Sigh.
  • For my money, the best team I've seen in the AFC all year is still Pittsburgh. I don't buy the Jets, but I really don't by the Titans. I think New England will be a nasty out by the end of the year. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see 5 and 6 meet for the AFC Championship. If you don't chop the head off of Dungy and Belichick teams, you'd had better be ready to lose.
  • The numbers still say the Colts are pretty average. The PF/PA against isn't strong. They've won a lot of games they have no business winning, largely because everytime they play they have the single best player on the field. If that isn't the definition of MVP, I don't know what is.
  • I'll post updated projections for Manning and the new golden boy Matt Cassel tomorrow.
Peter King is all over the board. He puts the Colts behind NE and Pittsburgh this week, and at #6. He still has Manning at #2 on the MVP list. He says the Zombie is a great guy...just before he eats your brain.

ESPN says that Manning was unconscience on third down. Yup. That's our boy.

CHFF thinks the Patriots have to start asking some tough questions. No kidding. Especially because it will likely take Tommy boy all next year to really be himself. Can they really afford to just like Cassel walk?

They also have a great stat on the dominant four in the AFC.

Audibles is good this week. Tanier thinks the Colts O must drive teams crazy.

Ask Vic is a miserable place to be. I love it.


Bob M. said...

Add to Manning's actuals two DPIs on 3rd down. (one of which was... um, sketchy--lookd worse at full speed)

Demond Sanders said...

Can anyone tell me what 'Make a Note of it' means?

Deshawn Zombie said...

It means you have no flair.

Anonymous said...

The Colts offense has ALWAYS driven teams crazy. See e.g. Lynch's comments after the 2d playoff blowout.

Best ever was an Oakland game at Indy when Warren Sapp was still a beast (and Woodson could shut down 88). The Raider defense was physically manhandling the Colt O-line on Indy's first drive. Can't run, no time to throw. 18 is doing his gyrations and the Colts are just barely squeezing out first downs on 3d and long all the way down the field until they get a TD. I thought Sapp's head was going to explode.

This made no sense to him. He'd been in the league a long time. When you are kicking someone's ass in the line that definitively, they are supposed to go 3 and out. (Colts couldn't run and couldn't get the ball to Marvin.) And if they get lucky enough to eke out one first down with a perfect pass and catch, there is no way they can keep it up all the way down the field.

But the Colts did. Eventually, the Raider defense got frustrated and wore down.

Never has an offense put up so many points with such a tiny margin for error. And they do it year after year.