Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What we talk about

Demond and I started this blog oh so many moons ago because we figured we should have an outlet for the kinds of conversations that take place on IM between us every day. Here's an example:

DZ: Peter King is retarded
he rips on people saying the Browns should have dealt Derrick Anderson
last year
calling it 'Revisionist history'
no Peter. That's called paying attention
Demond: haha
DZ: that he had a great first 8 games
and a very mediocre/poor last 8 games
GM Phil Savage said, "He saved all our jobs!"
um, then you shouldn't have one
did you read that Ask Vic from yesterday
Demond: yeah basically a dream come true
DZ: made my night
Vic admitting that maybe trading up for Harvey made no sense
Demond: haha
DZ: uh, you think Vic?
Demond: he knows that a. there probably won't be a team next year
and b. if there is the coach and GM won't be around
DZ: it's all over the subtext
they just extended Mad Jack though
Demond: so might as well be honest for a change
DZ: so he's probably safe by default
although if the sale goes through, he's gone
Demond: yeah it helps that the owner wants the team to fail
DZ: but if its in negotiation, he'll be around
Weaver ain't payin anybody 1 penny more than he has to
If Mike Tomlin had a brain, they'd already be gone
he sold about 6000 season tix to the Jags by going for 2 from the 10
Demond: ha
DZ: that's the other good thing this week
Tomlin isn't the best coach in terms of game strategy
I read Phil B's chat,
Colts' fans are retarded
Demond: ?
DZ: they don't know crap about football
the stuff they ask him is so stupid
they all like to kill Joe Addai (who shouldn't have played on Sunday)
as if Dom has great numbers
Dom's numbers aren't very good either
that line is pretty bad
here's the thing about the Pitt game...
it'll turn on turnovers
and the Pitt style passing game should play into our hands
they don't run the short route crap
the last three teams have played
Demond: you're doing it: you're trying to convince yourself this isn't a blowout
this just in: the colts suck
DZ: lol
they don't suck, they are just average
Demond: they do, they won't beat either pitt qb
DZ: probably not
Demond: pitt is much, much better than us
DZ: yeah
don't worry, I'll predict a blowout when the time comes
Demond: ha
DZ: I don't see how it won't be
big blue shoe is a riot
he posted the other day about how the Colts aren't an average team
I'm just like, whatever dude. They are 4-4 and average in every category.
They may have talent...but they are incredibly average.
Demond: yeah he's been saying that for awhile
i don't get it
DZ: take the beer goggles off and see the skank for what she is
big hands, small t***, and a weird mole
Just becuase she puts out sometimes doesn't make her a catch

Anyway, pardon the pessimism. These conversations are more indicative our mood at any given moment rather than how we actually feel about the team. It's just how we felt this morning. About half of America woke up celebrating a new dawn of peace and harmonic convergence. The other half is scared spitless and immediately went to the gun store and bought generators to prepare for the coming apocalypse. Us? We just woke up pissed that Tim Jennings is playing corner, and we have the worst run offense in football.


Justin Landon said...

Has anyone heard anything on Ryan Lilja?

Shake'n'bake said...

decision is coming this week. They have to IR him or put him on the roster.

Justin Landon said...

I'm willing to bet he ends up on IR. Just a feeling. Can DeAngelo Hall play the Cover 2? Then again the Colts only try and get DTs...

Shake'n'bake said...

Hall is tremendously overrated and a malcontent. He gambles constantly making him an awful fit for the Colts. Sunday the line of the Falcons WR lined up against him (they switched him off Micheal Jenkins after he got beat deep) was 6 for 91 with a TD

Josh K said...

Actually I think the PUP rule is misunderstood. I am under this impression:

After week 6 the team has 3 weeks to clear the player to practice.

Once the player is cleared to practice, the team has an ADDITIONAL three weeks to decide whether to activate the player or place him on IR.

Lilja was cleared to practice this week, I believe, so the team has an additional 3 weeks now to decide whether to activate or IR him.

This fits what Dungy is saying this week, according to Phil B.

Shake'n'bake said...

Yeah, I offically don't understand the PUP rules.

The stuff I found on searches told be they had to be activated on to the roster by week 10.

Anonymous said...

If Hall clears waivers and doesn't demand too much money and they give him an Ed Johnson-like ultimatum he might come to the Colts. Those are unlikely ifs, I know, but he has to be better than Jennings.


Justin Landon said...

So they have until Week 12 then to decide on Lilja? It's official I don't understand the PUP....

I think anything is better than Jennings. DeAngelo Hall has to be better than guys being signed off the street, but again what do I know. :)

Bob M. said...

Josh and Shake's last comments correspond with my understanding of PUP (except wouldn't it be week 9... 6 weeks to practice plus 3 to be active?)

For Hall to get any traction with the Colts--regardless of his "fit" on the field--would require what I always thought Culpepper needed: a strong agent acting as a "career coach." Hall needs to rehabilitate his image as well as his game and probably needs someone older/wiser to hammer that lesson home. Being on his best behavior for a high-profile team, playing for a "player's coach," and maybe getting to the playoffs should be a dream assignment for him, regardless of salary. After 8+ quality games, he'd potentially be an attractive free agent pickup for somebody next year.

Right now he's toxic. Better than Jennings? Probably. Right fit? Doesn't look like it. Does he have the maturity and discipline to force his talent into a mold and be a better team player? I was skeptical about TO and Moss righting their ships and they appear to have done so, then again they're a few years older than Hall.... I'd take him if we could afford him, but I'd prefer a DT. Last I checked at Costco, there were none in stock.

Bob M. said...

Decent piece on Ben R/Fatty McBP here:

Looks like they're gonna try to start the big lug to me. Tomlin's making medical diagnoses these days (or at least passing on the team doctor's medical opinions as his own). I am pretty sure we can hold them to 21, maybe 24. Problem is, can we score 24 on them? If we run the ball 25+ times, regardless of the production (well, at least 65 yards), we'll be in decent shape--it'll rest our D and open up the field a bit for PM and crew to throw it.

Josh K said...

They have until a couple days after week 12 on Lilja, actually, since it's 3 weeks from when they cleared him to practice, which was Tuesday or Wednesday. This is from Richards at Indy Star:

"Lilja went into training camp on the physically unable to perform list after two offseason knee surgeries. He has been activated only to practice, which started a three-week clock during which he must be added to the active roster or he will remain on PUP for the balance of the season."

So it's truly looking like a wasted roster spot, unless he gets in game shape in the next three weeks AND the team makes the playoffs. Of course, the last time we wasted a roster spot in the regular season was with Sanders in 2006 and he came in for the playoffs and the run D transformed.

So, here's some wishful thinking for you: Lilja comes back for the playoffs and suddenly our run O is working again....

Shake'n'bake said...

PUP doesn't count against the roster limit. Keeping the option of have Lilja didn't cost them anything. A situation like his is why the PUP list exists.

Josh K said...

I guess that's the positive in it, then.