Monday, November 24, 2008


Colts 23 - Chargers 20


Adam said...


Although the idea of Peyton running naked through the Quad makes me feel all weird inside.

Bob M. said...

Wow, a fun game. Frustrating to see Joe run for 5 and 6 a bunch of times in the 2nd half, but have drives die. When the run game works, aren't they supposed to be unstoppable?
I liked 17 straight points, though we did get some breaks on calls offensively, and I swear Freeney was tackled on the plays he was not blocked from behind (when you DT a pass rusher, are you allowed to block from both front and back? when is that clipping?), I'm still a little worried.
On one play I swear I saw Saturday block two guys at the same time. (I missed his injury putting the kids to bed--what happened?)
Freeney's pressure was huge--he forced bad passes and flushed Rivers into a sack.
And Rivers, I grudgingly admit, throws a nice ball. I never thought much of him, but under good pressure, he generally threw well. Bastard.
Was Melvin B out the second half? We REALLY need Bob.
I'm hoping to play Denver in the playoffs. Really.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that potential Denver matchup is starting to look sweet. I hope the Broncos can hold off San Diego. Although playing the Chargers again wouldn't be the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice TO called by San Diego with 1:35 left. Definitely good clock management on their part.

Bob M. said...

Good for whom?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

On the thread last night, I asked how many positions are the Colts better than the Chargers? One of the stock answers is to cite our WRs. My question -- if our WRs are so good, why can't they get open?

We never used to use bunch formations and rubs to get open. We spread you out, chose the mismatch and exploited you. Not anymore. Now that 87 gets the #1 cover guy, he struggles to get open. 88 has non-entities climbing in his jock and daring him to beat them. 44 only seems to get open against zones. 11 is a good 3d or 4th receiver, but he sure isn't scaring anyone.

Of course, the lack of pass pro makes it easier for secondaries to be aggressive. 18 is backing away on most passes. To step up to throw deep, he's usually got to sidestep at least one defender.

In the good old days, a defense as aggressive as SD's last night would have gotten toasted several times for huge gains. No feast last night, just dunk and dink donuts.

And 18 simply isn't as accurate as he has been in past seasons. Lots of good reasons why, but that has to be acknowledged -- he's not as sharp as when he's been at his best. [Even at less than his best, he's still the best in the league.]


Westside Rob said...

Hey stan cheer up. We won....

I don't disagree with your concerns but I think pass protection explains a lot of it. If you noticed on that interception, Marvin had his two defenders beat by several steps but Peyton WAY underthrew him. That's been happening a lot this year but I think is mostly a combination of missing timing, poor pass protection which as you say hinders PM's ability to step into his throws fully, and probably some residual affects of his knee (maybe more mentally than physically at this point.)
Bottom line we won, we keep playing better each week, our schedule lightens up and we are in a good position playoff spot wise.

Best of all we don't have to have the stupid Rest'em or Play'em debate this year...

Colts Girl said...

Wow--what a great game. Down to the last second. Wahoo! And I agree that that TO with less than two minutes was brilliant! Norv was coaching well for us there!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be jumping on the treadmill to run off the half bag of potato chips I ate to ease my tension last night...


Demond Sanders said...


The deep ball has been a non-factor this season, there's no disputing that.

But I don't see how last night's game was any different from how the Colts O played against Ron Rivera's Bears D in the Super Bowl. Lots of underneath stuff to Addai and Rhodes. A few clutch catches by the WR mixed in.

Sure the Chargers took a few chances with the blitz and you'd like to make them pay, but you can only do so much with the line as it is.

Bob M. said...

All good points, but my first reaction was to blame it on the running game (which has tentacles reaching into RB health, the O line, and play calling). I didn't see the whole game last night, but don't recall one stretch play.
I think if D's are less worried about the run, say that's one extra man in coverage--deep or shallow, they choose their poison and my impression from limited TV camera angles is that the opponents protect deep normally (limiting our long ball) and then shallow when they blitz (because there's no time to run a guy deep anyway, and that limits both long and short balls then.) The bastards.
So we've been taking what we're given, which has been okay, but we'd be better off if we can dictate what we'd be given--i.e. a more solid OL, healthy RBs, and a play-calling committment to the run SHOULD loosen up another coupld mid-range and long-range pass opportunities each game.

Of course the guys have to be on the same page of the playbook to take advantage, timing has to be right, etc. But if we get a couple 25 yard passes, that will further loosen up the run D and a few more 8 yard runs will just have the D oscillating back and forth, sometimes lucky, sometimes burned.
I think last night was tougher but similar to the SB win--if you take out the long broken coverage bomb to Reggie and the INT returned for a TD--two atypical plays for 14 points (and the Devin Hester TD return)--the games were somewhat similar except we did not win the battle of the trenches, but managed to hold our own.
SD threw the kitchen sink and 18 could not capitalize--I found that frustrating and a little surprising.

Bob M. said...

Oh, and happy birthday DZ.