Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nice Start

The Boston-fest that is this weekend got off to a good start as the Blue and Gold hopped up off the mat with a rousing win over the defending champion Celtics tonight. Apparently the NBA season started without anyone realizing it. The Pacers also resigned Danny Granger to a long term deal this week. All of this is significant for two reasons:

1. It puts Boston fans in a bad mood. The Celts are the only team they have left right now, as many have written off the Pats.

2. It fulfills our obligation to talk about the Pacers for a few weeks. Look, we love the guys, but there's only so much energy to be invested, and until the football season is out, they are second fiddle. On the bright side, the Hoosiers will lose 20 games this year, so they have a chance to gain traction in our lives again. Now we've reminded you all that we do love the Pacers so no one can charge us with being bandwagoners when they pull it together and get good again. We paid to see a game last year. That indemnifies us. Anyone who paid to watch the 07-08 Pacers gets a life time pass on the Pacers wagon.

Speaking of IU, which I was ever so briefly, how long is it before we start to see LYNCH LYNCH t-shirts. Good lord, man. Losses to Central Michigan and Ball State at home in the same season? Forget 'Defend the Rock'. Just call it, "Come in and piss all over the rock, please! We do it on a weekly basis!". Note to self: NEVER HIRE THE INTERIM COACH PERMANENTLY.


Ian said...

I paid $100 for NBA League Pass to watch the 07-08 Pacers, does that clear me from all bandwagon charges as well?

Deshawn Zombie said...

You could not watch another game for 5 years, and still be president of the fan club.

Joel said...

Noticed one interesting thing:

J. Tinsley, PG: Did Not Play

Deshawn Zombie said...

Wasn't he told to stay away from the team? Does anyone know where that stands? Is he even allowed in the building?

Shake'n'bake said...

Wow that's bad. I kind of understand when NFL teams do that in the offseason (the current year on a players contract becomes guaranteed if he gets hurt working with the team), but telling a guy you have to pay no matter what to just no show up is bad.

Maybe the NBA is getting away from tolerating the morons. Marbury and Curry haven't played a minute of the Knicks first two games.

zac said...

Jax losing to Cincy at the half is awesome. We aren't that bad.