Thursday, November 6, 2008

Slump Buster

Colts 26 - Steelers 20

That's what I'd love to post this Sunday around 7:30 pm Eastern. The Colts badly need a statement win to kick start the 2008 season. I think the odds are currently at or below 50% that Indy will make the playoffs. A win at Pittsburgh would dramatically change their fortunes. I'm curious how the rest of you see this going. Feel free to post your final score predictions here.


JC said...

Do you guys know the real definition of a slump buster?

Shake'n'bake said...

Colts cover the 2.5 and win.

Re jc:
yes, jc's [insert female relation here]

Deshawn Zombie said...

I thought a slump buster was a game against the Bengals...ooooh sorry Jack!

JC - Elect said...

Shake I would break your face open and get community service. My lawyer is ridiculous.


I'm watching New England Tailgate on Comcast and they're breaking down game film from the Indy/Pats game.

But Fred Smerlas and Steve Deossie were NFL players, not bloggers. So their breakdown holds water unlike you knuckleheads.

Indy runs pick plays like crazy. The Gonzalez touchdown and two other Dallas Clark receptions came off of blantantly deliberate Reggie Wayne picks.

I mean....he breaks his momentum down and engages both corners (as two wideouts cross eachother)in an offensive linemans position almost.

We're gonna have to figure out a way to defend that because the officials obviously won't call it. It happened 3-7 times in that game.

zac said...

I'm not sure a picture of any Chicago Cub is a representation of what our team is.

Except for that 3-13 season, and of course, the years we were good and then got bounced in the first round of the playoffs.

Then its acceptable.

Shake'n'bake said...

jc: wow

Someone hasn't got the news that question 2 passed in Mass.

Westside Rob said...

So now you are whining about the Refs? Sounds like typical Pats (uh I mean Colts) fan whining to me...

Seriously though I thought they changed the rules on the pick that as long as the offensive player doesn't initiate contact the def player it isn't a pick. Not saying I'm an expert but one thing clear about former NFL players is that they don't always keep up with rule changes. I'm not insisting that's the case here, but just wondering what the actual rules says in this case. Shake will probably rip off the actually line and verse from the NFL rulebook.

Shake'n'bake said...

I've never found a first hand up to date source for NFL rules, but I heard that comment that they changed to rule to no contact no foul somewhere before.

jc said...

What I said was the antithesis of an excuse.

WE'LL hafta figure out how to beat it.

I don't make excuses like this site does.

This site is one giant excuse.

You guys beat us. Good teams beat other good teams. I don't go down the laundry list of coulda woulda shouldas like the brothers.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I have to be honest...I don't get the picture at all.

As for the pick plays, I'm not sure if they were fouls or not, but at first glance, they looked like fouls, and it bothered me. I like to see the game called close. I like illegal contact to be called on DBs, and picks to be called on WRs. Shake's contact no foul, but to me it seemed like there was contact. I haven't looked at it close enough to say that definitively, however.

Third, we don't make excuses. We explain. There's a difference.

Demond Sanders said...

You should get Google, DZ. I think you can download it somewhere for free.

Mark Grace defined/coined the term "Slump Buster" on Jim Rome back in the day. His definition has nothing to do with the Colts, but they definitely need one.

Justin Landon said...

Looks like Parker is out...

Shake'n'bake said...

One last try

Go to Simmons' column. Start reading it (especially the Browns and Vikings comments). When you finish the Bills comment at #16 STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE, DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE NEXT TEAMS LISTED. DON'T READ ANOTHER WORD.
until you come back here and tell me honestly that you don't think Simmons is a fun read.

Then you can read the rest of the column and flip out on him for being a clueless homer.

Anonymous said...

Route combos have existed since the forward pass was instated. You should probably already know how to defend that...

jc said...

Yea well if it beat Belichick 5 times in a's probably tougher to defend than you think bitch.

Demond Sanders said...

I'm no BB, but in in backyard football if two receivers cross routes it is 7 points every time.

Anonymous said...

Especially if you don't have a little brother or neighborhood geek to "ref".


Bob M. said...

I'm no NFL coach, but after seeing Miami burn NE with the wildcat I installed it into my kid's flag football playbook. I assume our opponents are smart enough that I can't pull it off 5 times a game (cough cough) but in a game with first graders and a running clock, two guaranteed scores is usually enough to secure a win.

I won't sully with Internet with a score prediction, but I think our chances of winning are between 45 and 50%. If I ran 1,000 sims in my head I might come up with an average score of 24-21 with Pitt winning, but the reverse is almost as likely.

Hey, I'm off for a week--actually, two weeks in NFL speak because of how long it takes to get to Hawaii even from the west coast. The Steelers game is televised where we'll be, if I can only arrange a thunderstorm to justify staying inside at 11 am.

JC, a man of your movie line knowledge could have quoted Scarface when talking about your lawyer. It's been 20 years, but I'll give it a shot: I have a lawyer, he's so good, that tomorrow, you'll be working in Alaska. So dress warm.

Be well, everybody.

Shake'n'bake said...

I'm just shocked I didn't get a response from JC on the Mass Question 2.

JC said...

I don't smoke that shit Shake.

And I'm not from Mass.

P-City's hustle is a lot larger than a green onion.

Demond Sanders said...


I hate to deflate your obvious pride in P-City's "hustle", but a brief google search tells us that your town had only 11 homicides in 2006.

Indianapolis had 153 that same year.

(My civic pride is bigger than yours.)

JC said...

A second brief google search should alert you to the significant wiseguy presence around here.

That's what I was referring to, not a bunch of Marvin Harrisons opening fire on each other in the street.

jc said...

And Shake:

I won't go into political motive because Demond will censor me, but legalizing less than an ounce of Marijuana is just unnacceptable to me.

Too radical.

And I'm a drug dealer/user.

Demond Sanders said...

I'm pretty sure they didn't legalize it. They just decriminalized it. You still have to pay a fine and take a drug class.

And the election is over, please talk politics all you want. I can't wait for JC to refer to the President-Elect as Ashy Barry.

Also JC, I have a hard time believing you actively sell/use drugs given that you use your real name on here and we know you have some kind of white collar employment that would be in jeopardy. Maybe I'm wrong.

JC said...

I'm in real estate brother.

Times are tough.

Ashy Barry. Very well done. That literally made me laugh out loud.

You're right decriminalizing it isn't the same thing as legalization but in my humble opinion it's still too radical.

Specifically the quantity you're allowed to possess.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it's been answered, but IIRC, a slump buster was usually going out, getting drunk, picking up and ugly fat chick for sex.

My memory is shitty, so eh.

Anonymous said...

And because I'm bored, Miami burned NE with the Wildcat five times because there's nothing Bellicheck could do about the human error involved. If the NE defense keeps biting on the fake to Williams, then that's their fault. Though, to wit, the one time they DID stop Brown running, he flicked it to Anthony Fasano for a TD. Give Sparano credit for at least recognizing that it's Ronnie Brown or bust.

Nothing Bellicheck could have done about it. "Adjusting" to the play would also entail his defenders not overreacting. If Tim Jennings gets burned on a go route, do we now blame Dungy for it? I think this whole thing is just a way to get a few cheap shots in on BB by the sports media at large because it's something they can rankle him about.

Oh, and gagging on 19 - 0, not throwing it deep to Moss because you're afraid Matt Cassel will be murdered by Dwight Freeny, the choke job in the AFC championship game in Indy, or how he's not won a super bowl since Crennel and Weis left. Oh sure, they went to it, but ask Buffalo how it is to "get there". Fuck the experience, you want to the win the motherfucking thing.

...What the hell am I talking about again?

Demond Sanders said...

Yep, pretty much. I think Grace suggested knocking boots with the ugliest girl you could find if you are in a batting slump.

Shake'n'bake said...


I'm not sure what gave me the idea you did but I'm surprised you don't.

Anonymous said...

I'm an opiate addict and have made note of it several times.

That's what gave you the idea.

But not pot.