Sunday, November 16, 2008


Colts 33 Texans 27


Demond Sanders said...

Best band ever? Probably.

Shake'n'bake said...

How about the 1st wildcard spot?


Demond Sanders said...

I'm suddenly depressed with the knowledge that they'll have to win three straight road games to make the Super Bowl.

Truly pathetic display by Jacksonville. They got all of three first downs in the second half.

Shake'n'bake said...

they could get a home game if they get the 5 seed and the 6 seed makes the AFCCG

Demond Sanders said...

LOL, thanks Shake.

Anonymous said...

Home Playoff Game?! Home Playoff Game ??!! HOME PLAYOFF GAME????!!!! Right now, I'm channeling my inner Mora. Let's just worry about getting IN the playoffs for now.


Demond Sanders said...

Sure, you gotta make the playoffs first.

But all I'm saying is if you win 11 or 12 games it would be nice to get a home playoff game.

chipbennett said...

So how does that play out, Demond?

Let's say Titans get the #1. (Say 13-3, at worst.)
AFC East will get the #2. (Say, 12-4, at best.)
AFC North will get the #3. (Say, 11-5?)
AFC West will get the #4. (Say, 8-8?)

The Colts get the #5. (Say, 11-5, if not 12-4.)

Somebody else will get the #6 - either AFC East or AFC North.

So, WC weekend, the Colts would go to either San Diego (I like the revenge factor), or Denver (bad weather, but the Colts *always* play well in Denver.

The #6 would go to probably Pittsburgh. The thing is, this game is the real variable in the AFC playoffs.

If Pittsburgh wins, the Colts would get the #1 seed, and would play in Nashville. The Colts can win in Nashville - and will win, if they play there in January.

If Pittsburgh loses, the Colts would then face the #2 seed, and would play either in New York or Foxborough. This game would be a difficult road challenge (so Pittsburgh winning would be more ideal for the Colts' playoff path).

If Pittsburgh wins both their WC game and their Divisional round game, then the Colts would face them in the AFC Championship. The Colts have already proven once this season that they can win in Pittsburgh, and there is no reason they couldn't do so again.

If Pittsburgh wins their WC game, and then loses their Divisional game, this once again puts the Colts in New York or Foxborough, facing the AFC East #2 seed in the AFC Championship.

If Pittsburgh loses their WC game, and the Colts win their Divisional game against the #2 seed, then:

If Tennessee wins their Divisional game, the Colts go to Nashville for the AFC Championship.

If Tennessee loses their Divisional game, then the Colts would *host* the AFC Championship game, against the #6 (likely from the AFC East).

So, we know some things for certain:

1) The Colts are going to the AFC West in the WC round (either SD or DEN).

2) The worst SB route for the Colts would be @Denver/SD, @NYJ/NE, @Pitt

3) The best SB route for the Colts would be @Denver/SD, @Tenn, vs. NYJ/NE

That best-case route is very easily do-able. That said, even the worst-case route is manageable.

Demond Sanders said...

The Pass Interference no call on Marvin on the deep ball in the endzone was HORRIBLE. It looked bad on tv, but was even worse in person.

He was grabbed firmly twice, the final time hard enough to cause him to trip and thus giving him no shot at catching the ball.

Anonymous said...

This Colts team isn't good enough to assume we will beat anyone, even Detroit. Our defense was really poor yesterday. Texans had the ball at the end and were one big play from winning. Not every team is going to have Sage at QB

Deshawn Zombie said...

I totally disagree. Houston is markedly better than Detroit. They are a talented team that isn't living up to their talent. Secondly, Sanders didn't play yesterday.

The defense has been ok with him, and horrible without him. That was a good win.

If he doesn't play Sunday, I don't like our chances against a good offense in a game they must have.

Bob M. said...

That was some impressive work. I hate to count chickens, but I can't really argue with it. 12-4 is actually possible, and 11-5 pretty likely. Nice to have the tie-breaker over Balt, Pitt, NE. (and potentially SD, just in case) And to have Tenn not playing for anything in week 17, just in case we need an "easy" one.

I also agree with Stan--this team is not going to win any championships right now, but it's not nearly as hopeless as it looked against Green Bay, for example.

Rumor has it that Denver's pass D is terrible, and their run game is not what it once was, so that's a game, on paper, that works fine for me as one of our better matchups. (Then again, once upon a time we had the "worst possible" matchups in the playoffs, teams with great RBs who would pound us to within an inch of our lives on 40 carries a game... and we ended up celebrating in February that year.)