Friday, November 14, 2008

18 Plays...technical difficulties

So, last night we sat down to record 18 Plays, and spent a good 50 minutes rehashing the Steelers game. When I went to edit the recordings, I found they were worthless. For some reason, it recorded Demond talking over me, so the whole thing was a mess. Since we went to all the effort, I decided to transcribe the 18 Plays (mostly). Here's the result. We'll try the podcast one more time next week, but a three hour time difference between BA and Indy is making it hard. I have to wait until midnight to start recording, so it's safe to say the future of the podcast is in doubt. 18 Plays may have to become a regular feature on the site. We'll see.

Tony Dungy appears on Mike and Mike. He rooted for the Jets last night because of 'tiebreakers'.

John Lynch got hit in the head one too many times. Retiring as a Buc AND a Bronco? Um, that's just called...retiring.


Anonymous said...

Ward made a hell of a readjustment IMO, as if he decides to sit down in the endzone, he gets to watch Bob pick the ball off right in front of him.

You'll note he reaches up and slightly back, snagging just before Bob could. Unbelievable catch.

Demond Sanders said...

The Colts are third worst in the league with only 12 sacks. Yet they've only given up 2 passing TDs.

My mind is blown.

Anonymous said...

I was really unhappy with how much easy yardage we gave up on the next to last play. Wasn't happy with the prevent defense in general. With well over 2 mins left, play regular defense and get a stop. If you get beat deep, you still have 18 and two minutes to get it back.


Deshawn Zombie said...

I 100% disagree, especially about the last next to last play. The 'easy yardage' they gave up didn't matter. Is it really easier to complete a 30 yard Hail Mary than a 40 yard or 50 yard Hail Mary? I'd like to see the stats on that. I think your odds are basically the same at that point. You are counting on a tipped ball.

The key on that play was to not let them get out of bounds and to not give up the first down. This ensured they only got one more play off. Once they are down to one play, and it's going to be a jump ball, the defense has basically done its job in my book. You can always lose on a jump ball as Stewart to Westbrook proved. All you can do make sure you only face one of those passes and not three or four (see Cle vs Jax from a few weeks back).

Demond Sanders said...

Yeah, the last play was brilliant because it forced them to use something like 25 seconds and ensured that there would only be one more play.

It didn't matter how much yardage they gave up as long as they didn't give up the first down. Since it was fourth down they couldn't spike the ball, save time, and collect their thoughts.

Robert I. said...

So it was hunky mcfabulous (the alias a couple of people from a message board game Brady that I visit frequently)

Robert I. said...

I meant "gave" not "game"

Shake'n'bake said...

The Garbage fire continues to rage. Del Rio has "permanently" benched Mike Peterson.

"Del Rio was asked if he and Peterson have reached any kind of meeting of the minds after last week's dispute.

"There will be no meetings," Del Rio said. "He has to embrace his new role on the team.""

Deshawn Zombie said...

I almost linked to that. It made me laugh out loud.

I think Mad Jack is on the verge of outright losing that team. You don't treat a respected vet like that and get loyalty from your players.

Shake'n'bake said...

"He has to embrace his new role on the team."

Right because a guy who is leaving in free agency for a team that isn't making the playoffs has every incentive to be a total team player and accept being inactivated, fined and benched for snapping at his awful coach that was chewing them out in a meeting.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Well, he can always fine or suspend him. Or call around the league to bad mouth him.

The locker room will loooove this.