Friday, February 29, 2008

Jags sign Porter to big deal

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed WR Jerry Porter, formally of the Oakland Raiders, to a six year, $30 million contract. Porter will play alongside Troy Williamson who was added through a trade with Minnesota. Neither of these players have had significant production over the past two seasons, but that isn't reason enough to discount their potential impact. When you've been catching balls from Jamarcus Russell and Tarvaris Jackson your numbers are bound to be less than stellar. Still, this makes you wonder if Jacksonville has given up on the much rumored notion of handing Randy Moss a gigantic contract. I think we'd all sleep a lot better if Randy Moss stays the heck away from the AFC South.

In other news, the Patriots defensive backfield got much weaker today. The Eagles have signed Asante Samuel to a six year deal which will no doubt be worth an enormous amount of money. I know the media has been ripping this guy for dropping that "sure pick" late in the Super Bowl, but I think it is a huge mistake to downplay Samuel's impact. He has been excellent the past few seasons. He forced your offense to gameplan around him, which is somewhat unusual in this day and age. Will his loss be a death blow to the Pats D? No, but it isn't going to help any. I like their front 3 very much, but that's about it now that Samuel is gone.


JC said...

57 Mil?

Demond, say what you will but you didn't watch homeboy play 16 weeks a year.

He's not the guy you or Philly thinks, even with 16 picks in two seasons.

Demond Sanders said...

Dude, I went back and checked. I saw the Pats play 17 times on tv this year if you count the playoffs.

In fact, I think every single Pats game was on here in Indy (even the two against the Bills although I'm not sure). And no, I don't have the Sunday Ticket. They were the #1 national game all year long. Wait, maybe that's why we hate them so much.

But as for Samuel: QBs throw away from him all game. Sometimes that is the biggest impact you can have as a corner.

Bob M. said...

It's nice that you like NE's front 3 and all, but the guys I am really in love with are their LBs. Can't say enough about them! Ten more years! Keep them will they are in wheelchairs! I LOVE it when the other guys sign players close to my own age--guys who probably remember watching the Miracle on Ice live! I'm almost sad they didn't add Zach Thomas, but you know, Ted Hendricks is still available. Cagey veteran.....