Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dungy and FO

Due to his new gig as coverboy for Head Coach 09 (09! What three year old is numbering these games?), Tony Dungy gets interviewed by Bill Barnwell of the footballoutsiders in IGN. There's not a whole lot of new info here, but it's a nice piece.

Floyd Reese, yes the same Floyd Reese who said the Colts were taking a risk by cutting Corey Simon, calls Bill Polian one of his favorite talent evaluators.

Baseball season can't get here soon enough.

Demond Sanders: Derek Schultz of XL950 covers the coaches in the hunt for the Indiana basketball job. Good stuff.


zac said...

Colvin has been cut by the Patriots. Inexplicable. They need younger, faster LBs and so they cut the youngest of the group. Odd.

DZ said...

He must be hurt pretty bad. It's all I can figure.

JC said...

He was owed like 8M.

Moss will probably be cut next.

Adam said...

I have it on good authority that Randy Moss is talking to the Cowboys.

JC said...

Bottom line is if you're going to be playing cold weather playoff games against physical defenses, Randy Moss ain't the guy.

Bring back Stallworth, Welker, and we have our 2nd choice from '06 Chad Jackson who can make plays, plus Big Ben Watson.

Pats will be fine without Moss. They gotta address LB though, and Bill and Scott aren't front office gurus for nothing.

There's a reason they run a professional football team, I run a narcotics-distribution outfit and you guys run a blog.

Deshawn Zombie said...

oooh, oooh! I know this one:

BB and Pioli run a football team because they have nude photos of Kraft with a barnyard animal.

You run a narcotics division because of your vast experience ingesting illegal drugs.

We run a blog because of our extensive knowledge of the game of football, having played a combined zero years of it, but watched about 100,000 hours of it.

No? But I'm close, right?

zac said...

If the Pats lose Moss, then they immediately drop to third in my rankings of the AFC. I am not convinced they are going to lose him though.

Bob M. said...

you mean 3rd in the AFC East, right?