Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nice Catch

Unfortunately, I'm saying this to Bob M. and not Dallas Clark. Bob sends us a couple of pictures that might well account for why Dallas couldn't seem to hang on to the ball this year. The photos come from Colts.com. Notice the heavy wrap around his right thumb. This could well account for why our season ended at least 4 plays early. I agree with Bob. If Clark's issues were physical (he wonders about all the concussions as well-yikes), then franchising him is well worth it.

On that note, the euphoria of Sunday and Monday has passed. Today, I woke up pissed and frustrated. In what may well have been Manning's finest season, this team just couldn't catch a break. Now I'm stuck spending all offseason frantically searching for updates on Dwight Freeney's foot. Fun. There really isn't even all that much interesting stuff going on with the roster. Will anyone lose sleep if they let Scott and Lilja walk? We already know the team won't sign anyone of note. I guess we can go on a Booger watch to see if he survives the various cut days.

It could be worse I guess. I could be banging my head against the wall wondering why my QB didn't throw a 15 yard out instead of 4 hail Mary's in a row.

Bob didn't know when to walk away.

The Zombie tops another list. Hey, anyone can over look the pure fury of hell unleashed in a 5'9" frame.

John Clayton lists us as the #3 contender. I could quibble, but basically this list is all chalk, so it's sort of pointless.

Demond Sanders: I re-watched the Super Bowl and was struck by how bad Brady looked. I didn't notice it as much live, but his throws were way off. There is no question that he was rattled. I can't blame Randy Moss for being frustrated. Brady missed him deep two or three times. Not near misses either, he was off by 10 or 15 feet. He also missed him wide open in the end zone on the final drive. Brady had a priceless look on his face the entire game - a mixture of frustration and confusion. That will be the lasting impression of the game for me.

Also, I hear you on the frustration thing. I started getting really angry re-watching XLII thinking about the blown playoff game. Three stupid turnovers. Here's hoping Marvin and Freeney get right for one big run in 2008.


JC said...

DZ and DS (or whoever you really are):

It was fun bantering back and forth with you two and your minion of mid-west loyalists this season.

Unfortunately, I can't quote "Lotto" from 8-Mile and leave you with an eff you and have a nice day. That would have been sick.

Now I have to part graciously, something I'm not good at, seeing as how we both lost games we should have won.

Anyhow....I'll be trolling this site from time to time but not anywhere near the in-season level. I know you'll try your best to be entertaining, but there's just not that much out there that matters until like.....May.

That is, of course, when the Boston Celtics will be beginning their quest for #17.

Best of luck in all your endeavors, and you'll see more of me when the weather turns a second time.

- Jeremy Cohen
Providence, RI

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has watched Brady over the years has seen him regularly have games where he is incredibly inaccurate.

DZ said...

JC, All the best...until next year.

coltsfanawalt said...

Let's keep Clark.