Friday, February 8, 2008

Tough it out

Last night's win by IU was not a thing of beauty by any means, but I suppose that given the conditions, it's important if not impressive. I'm not going to go holier than thou on the Illinois crowd for driving Eric Gordon nuts last night. Apart from one minor 'bead throwing incident' it seems like the crowd was at clean in their viciousness. I once screamed through a megaphone at a kid shooting a pair of game winning free throws, "YOU'LL BE UP ALL NIGHT THINKING ABOUT HOW YOU MISSED THESE! YOU'LL HAVE TO CALL YOUR MOM AND DAD AND EXPLAIN HOW YOU CHOKED!". I realized after I said it, that it was kind of hateful, but I'm from the "anything you yell that isn't profane is fair" school of thought. Gordon was rattled, but came through like a pro (d'oh!-stupid foreshadowing!).

Nothing about that game last night convinced me that Kelvin Sampson knows how to run an offense. This season's IU team is the perfect example of what's wrong with college sports. Recruiting is most of the battle (19-3), but skill as a coach still matters to get you over the top. Look, I know the brilliant intricacies of the motion offense aren't coming back. I know Brian Sloan (anyone remember his awesome screens?) isn't walking through that door. But for crying out loud, let's have something better than DJ White valiantly taking on 3 guys or someone jacking up a contested 3 as the shot clock goes off. I don't know that I've seen IU run a decent set to end a half yet. They all end the same way, with a stupid turnover or a contested off-balance three. This team is talented enough on the floor to make a run. I'm just not convinced they have the coach to do get them as far as they could potentially go.

Links: Dr Z has his broadcaster rankings out.
It's always one of my favorite columns, but I still think he's being too nice. Network TV is ruining the announcing of games. Do they really think people want stupid easy story lines and idiot guests? Has anyone ever said, "oh hey, Russel Crowe is on! I'll watch this football game!"? ARRRRGH.

Bill Simmons deals with his grief. I couldn't be happier.

Brandie sends us these fun photos. I don't know where they came from, so apologies to the author:


Bob M. said...

Great Brady pics. One question: has he worn that playbook wristband all year, like some rookie or backup who can't remember the plays, or was it just for the SB. My kids and I were mocking the wristband during the game (how many times can you write in teeny-tiny print "chuck it deep to Moss"?)and I don't recall seeing it earlier this year, but I was probably just too mesmerized by his dreeaminess to notice.

Demond Sanders said...

As my wife said during the game: it just seems very dumbed down. Brady desperately staring at his wrist, looking for answers was just one of the bad omens during the game.

Ian said...

The announcer rankings were OK. Joe Buck deserves his own section with negative stars, and I actually like Gus Johnson. Remember when he did the Colts-Chiefs game and started calling Brodie Croyle Beowulf and Peyton Manning "the Master of Deception"? That was awesome.

colts girl said...

About the pics--I don't know where they came from either, or I would have given some credit. They were emailed to me by my husband's crazy-Colts-fan aunt. I'm glad you all enjoyed them.

HeatherRadish said...

You can't spell FAILURE without URA!

Demotivator creator

I think you should have a contest.

Anonymous said...

re: Simmons and his reference to the greatness of the Celtics in the 80s -- isn't it ironic that Boston fans complain bitterly that the Pats' blatant mugging of Indy receivers led to the NFL "changing the rules"? Bird and the Celtics were critical to the NBA finances when he came into the league. The NBA lost money every year unless Boston or LA got to the finals. But the Celts had 3 big, slow frontcourt players. No one could possibly defend Dr J or Bernard King the way fouls were called back then. (go look at some old highlights from the 70s, if you don't believe me) So the league completely redefined fouls to help the Celts get to the finals. Financially, it had no choice. Games turned into a version of pro wrestling which favored the Celts. And a team which couldn't play traditional defense worth a damn became "great".

Jessica said...

Those rankings were horrible! how can any network with bryant gumbel on it have more than negative 4 stars? and joe buck is the best at identifying players, you gotta be high to think that he's bad at it, he and troy are the best in the league, in my opinion (but i am from dallas) the only thing that i agreed with was the fact that tony kornheiser sucks.

coltsfanawalt said...

Awesome pics! And awesome win by our Hoosiers last night.

colts girl said...

I totally agree with heatherradish! A demotivator contest--how hilarious!

JC said...

Greetings from a place much cooler than where all of you and I are from.

South Florida.

I walked into a bar called Fosters last night at 4:15 in the morning to a sign on the outside of the door that said "No Gang Colors Allowed". I thought the one-niners would be inside.

If you don't know who the one-niners are, your life sucks and you probably watch Project Runway with your wife instead. I won't name names.

Anyhow....the next stripper that says "it's only a game" is gonna get her face broken Bret Myers' wife style...and I'm sober as I write that.

These girls are walking on thin ice. It's far more than a game, it's life.

Anyhow - I hope nobody gets killed by a tornado.


Deshawn Zombie said...


JC said...


Sorry man. Gotta speak my mind.

Demond Sanders said...

JC - I had to google it, but I learned that the one niners are a gang from The Shield. I hear some good things about that show and also about The Wire. Most of my tv watching has been centered around the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and will be for the forseeable future.

Also - Project Runway is a good show. And even if it sucked it is a small concession for making your wife watch 9 hours of football every Saturday and Sunday from August to January.