Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And the Two Shall Become One..

Demond Sanders and Deshawn Zombie kill time talking about racing...

DS: they finally reached a deal on the merger

DZ (3:18:37 PM): oh great

DZ (3:18:42 PM): about time

DS (3:18:45 PM): I'm not sure it matters much since it’s basically a bankrupt series

DZ (3:18:54 PM): Champ you mean?

DZ (3:19:15 PM): People can dog Tony George all they want,

DZ (3:19:22 PM): but the CART guys were morons

DZ (3:19:30 PM): who clearly didn't understand the market

DZ (3:19:38 PM): to think they could survive without the 500

DS (3:19:47 PM): yeah i guess that’s true

DZ (3:19:48 PM): they should have done what ever TG wanted

DZ (3:20:10 PM): TG's vision for the sport was better than theirs, he had all the leverage

DZ (3:20:26 PM): and they tried to go it alone

DZ (3:20:31 PM): it was a dumb

DZ (3:20:38 PM): TG's still rich

DZ (3:20:45 PM): so who was smart and who was stupid?

DZ (3:21:02 PM): BTW: I didn't realize that Ryan Newman is a Hoosier

DZ (3:21:06 PM): Hoosiers rule

DS (3:21:07 PM): he's not

DZ (3:21:10 PM): he is

DS (3:21:12 PM): he's a boilermaker - puke

DZ (3:21:16 PM): lol

DS (3:21:19 PM): not

DS (3:21:20 PM): the

DS (3:21:21 PM): same

DS (3:21:22 PM): thing

DZ (3:21:24 PM): he is a native, I mean

DS (3:21:27 PM): south bender i believe

DZ (3:21:30 PM): yeah, his mom still lives there

DZ (3:21:48 PM): my point is for ‘screwing the South purposes’

DZ (3:21:51 PM): he's a Hoosier

DS (3:21:58 PM): he seems like a Purdue grad - bo-ring

DS (3:22:05 PM): yeah he and tony Stewart were dueling

DS (3:22:08 PM): so that was cool

DS (3:23:26 PM): tony should probably have kept some non-ovals to start with

DS (3:23:34 PM): he ended up having to add some anyway

DZ (3:23:45 PM): sure, but in principle he was right

DZ (3:24:00 PM): nascar took over, and I promise you that it wouldn't have if it was mostly road races

DZ (3:24:12 PM): road racing is nice once in awhile

DS (3:24:16 PM): yeah

DZ (3:24:19 PM): but it's mostly boring

DS (3:24:22 PM): right

DS (3:24:33 PM): its appeals to a completely different sensibility

DZ (3:24:45 PM): an effeminate Eurotrash sensibility

DS (3:24:56 PM): people that like to see the cars accelerate and brake a lot

DS (3:24:59 PM): but it is boring

DZ (3:25:09 PM): it's ok, as long as there are places you can pass

DZ (3:25:23 PM): but on most courses in F1 there is NO PASSING

DZ (3:25:30 PM): where you qualify is where you finish

DZ (3:25:33 PM): it's insane

DS (3:25:37 PM): yeah and they didn't like Indy because of the straight away

DZ (3:25:55 PM): right, and you actually could get by somebody

DS (3:26:27 PM): he's getting Paul Tracey and who else?

DZ (3:26:40 PM): clarity in the market place

DS (3:26:44 PM): there's like one other guy cause Bordeiax went to F1

DS (3:26:49 PM): yeah

DS (3:28:04 PM): graham Rahal

DZ (3:28:05 PM): I can hear the Japanese guys now...

DZ (3:28:08 PM): cancel?

DZ (3:28:13 PM): you want to cancel?

DS (3:28:25 PM): although he's destined to for F1 I've heard


DS (3:29:10 PM): and BRUNO JUNQUIERA's coming back!

DZ (3:29:18 PM): nice

DZ (3:29:55 PM): hopefully, they'll start making inroads on Nascar

DZ (3:29:59 PM): they have the better product

DZ (3:30:04 PM): Nascar is unwatchable

DZ (3:30:14 PM): it's slow

DZ (3:30:19 PM): too may cars

DZ (3:30:27 PM): too many races

DS (3:30:38 PM): i know

DS (3:30:48 PM): they'll be like "THEY'RE GOING FOUR WIDE"

DS (3:30:57 PM): and I’ll be like where? I just see a giant mass of cars


DS (3:31:08 PM): right


DZ (3:31:35 PM): You watch Indy cars and you can't help but think...

DZ (3:31:43 PM): somebody is going home in a body bag today

DZ (3:31:52 PM): now that's a thrill you can sell!

DS (3:31:58 PM): totally

DS (3:32:14 PM): yeah how lame much Dario Franchitti feel?

DS (3:32:34 PM): he goes from world class badass to 35th place finisher!

DZ (3:32:53 PM): something tells me he was doing ok by bed time

DS (3:32:58 PM): well sure

DS (3:33:20 PM): but it’s just so anti-climactic, no pun intended

DS (3:33:34 PM): you win the biggest race in the world

DS (3:33:46 PM): and then you are a nobody with a terrible car

DZ (3:33:57 PM): but with a bag of cash

DS (3:34:11 PM): I’m sure he, as a little boy growing up in Glasgow, thought “I'm going to race in the Daytona 500 some day!”

DS (3:34:27 PM): it’s such a marketing ploy, the whole race

DZ (3:34:47 PM): I don't get it entirely, because they run like half a dozen races on that track

DZ (3:34:55 PM): so who cares?

DS (3:34:50 PM): it was never the biggest race until like 10 years ago

DS (3:35:04 PM): now suddenly it’s the great American race

DZ (3:35:49 PM): half the drivers in it would rather win the Brickyard if given the choice

DS (3:35:49 PM): it’s freaking February and they'll be running until September

DZ (3:35:55 PM): We can only hope this merger can do something about it

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Andy said...

I'm not a racing fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I have played enough video games to know enough to disagree with you. Road courses are way more fun than ovals.

Also, if they could work in some way for the cars to shoot turtle shells at each other, that would just make the whole experience all the more awesome.