Saturday, March 1, 2008

Heading back to the 'Tina

I'll be a little out of it for the next week, as I have to make a quick trip back to Argentina, and I'm only bringing my Ipod touch and not my laptop. I'm sure Demond is more than up to the task of keeping you all up to date with the random hilarity of the Jags and others during the fool's gold rush that is the first few days of free agency.

Seriously? Jerry Porter? I'm sure we'll get lots of hilarious articles over the next 5 months trying to convince us that the Jags have passed Indy, and more than a few about their upgraded receiving corps. I'm not buying any of it. The Jags seem primed for a huge regression just based on Garrard alone. I wouldn't bet the house on his ability to post a passer rating over 100 for a second straight year, and their defense showed serious signs of regression. The best thing you can hope for as a football fan is for a team in your division to get seriously active in the free agency period. It rarely ends well for those that do.

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Big Dave said...

...and they lost Stroud. That ought to make things a lot easier for Addai in the middle.