Sunday, February 3, 2008


A true story I heard from a friend last week...

"Several years ago, my brother was invited to put his team in a softball tournament. He informed the organizer that he had a couple of players who were out of town, but if he could sub his brother (me) and his nephew (my son), he could field a team. The organizer said, sure, of course that's no problem. We played games all day, and found ourselves in the championship that night. We were up 11 runs in the 3rd inning when the captain of the opposing team (and the father of the tourney organizer) came out and declared, 'Game's over. We're the champions.' He then claimed our team was disqualified for bringing in ringers from out of town. The guy who ran the tourney upheld the protest, and the championship was given to the other team."

This story makes me ask the following question:

Is it really worth it? Especially in this context, where the prize is a chintzy softball trophy. But even in other areas of life, is it really worth it to cheat just to be called champions? How hollow and lame is that? In all honesty, I wouldn't want to win if it meant breaking the rules.

Demond Sanders: LOL. That is a great story, but I'd like to know how that scene ended. It's not a good idea to tick off a bunch of (probably) drunk guys wielding softball bats.

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