Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to football

With all the depressing crap happening with IU basketball, let's go back to something cheery, huh? Making fun of the Patriots. I got this email from Sam Daughtery of the USAF

Below is a perfect example of why I despise the Pats. It is a response to an e-mail I sent to a friend that had some funny photoshop pictures of why it's great that they lost.

"This sh** might be funny down there in Tennessee, but up here in New England, where our first sexual encounter is with someone other than our sister, this is not funny! Tom Brady already has more Championships that both mongoloid brothers combined. And I would make a bet he finishes with twice as many as the Manning queers! This e-mail has made me so mad I can't even see straight right now. That horse tooth jackas$%#% in Indy has been in the league longer than Brady and he only has one ring even though he's had all world type receivers for years! Talk about being an underachiever who takes up 20% of Indy's cap space.......nothing but a horse tooth jackas#$%# who flaps his wings and lips at the line of scrimmage. That's all I've got to say about that."

Here was my response: "That's exactly the kind of response I expected to get from most of the holier-than-thou types that live north of the Mason-Dixon line. If it wasn't for the constant (let's shove it in everyone face) attitude, they wouldn't have to endure these types of e-mails.

This has been the first true test of New England fans and so far they have failed miserably. They are just as sore losers as they are sore winners. I would have no problem rooting for a team like the Pats if it were not for their horrible fans.

What surprises me about this person is with all that superior vocabulary & northern education, they couldn't do get their point a crossed without name calling & cheap shots. This e-mail makes me glad that I'm a Southern gentleman.

Right on man. Right on. This was nice compared with some of the emails we've gotten. Here's the pics that caused the problem in the first place. . .

That one is my personal favorite:


Brian said...

I love it...I got a good laugh out that this morning. Awesome!

Colts Girl said...

I just can't smile enough!

Bob M. said...

Ditto. (with one omission: a year ago I'd have said I'd have no problem rooting for a team like the Pats except for their fans (and the Ted Johnson thing) but now, well, it seems that the team may not be what it seemed all those years. The fans.... they are what we thought they were, to quote a great unemployed philosopher.) And those motivational posters, they were great.

Anonymous said...

I think the most telling aspect of the Pat fan's response was not the language or the name-calling. It was the lack of logic. Now I'll giving him a little bit of a pass because he's just repeating the same stupidity that he hears from the idiots and homers in the Boston media, but at some point an adult has to be responsible for his words.

Maybe we should mount an expedition to New England to search for a courteous, moral, intelligent sports fan. I think they may be an endangered species there. Maybe even extinct.

Bob M. said...

I'm sure they exist; they're just shouted down by the others.

Happens everywhere; I lived in and around NY for 31 years and 1986 with both Mets and Giants winning it all was an unbearable stew of stupidity and bandwagon jumpers. In the pre-Internet and uniquitous talk-radio days, it may have been as bad as NE fans today. The media is just helping jerks become jerkier to a wider audience.

Reminds me of an old Bill Cosby line, one of his few profanities. Someone was explaining cocaine to him and they said "it makes you more of what you are." His response; "What if you're an asshole?" That is the Internet to a Tee. And unfortunately, everyone else has to suffer at the words of the coked-up NE fans. Win or lose, they're loud.

Shake'n'bake said...

Either of you guys been keeping tabs on the combine? I now have a full on man-crush on Chris Johnson the runningback from East Carolina.
He's insanely fast (4.24 at the combine), returns kicks, has great hands (played WR for a bit in college and could switch back or split out sometimes) and can carry the ball (6.0ypc) last year.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I don't follow the combine. It's part of my whole "I hate the draft" stance.

I don't really hate the draft; I hate people who know nothing talking about the draft. Every year they kill the Colts for something (re: Tony Ugoh) that ends up being great.

JC said...

I agree with the Northern E-mailer.

At least we live in an area where things other than Indiana-Purdue games matter. Seriously...who cares about Big 10 College basketball.

We have enough fans/money/people to field 4 professional franchises, all of whom have significant franchise achievments throughout their history, NOT including trading Joe Thornton.

And we don't have to root for the Cincinnati (sic) Reds whose last playoff appearance I BELIEVE was in what....1996?

And you'll never know what it feels like to throw a beer at a Canadiens fan in a playoff game. Original-6 rivalries are no joke.

Enjoy the off-season celebrating the fact that another team didn't win, but keep it in perspective.

It all comes on the heels of another January failure by the Indianapolis Colts. How's that for logic?

Deshawn Zombie said...

Really? You're going to dog the Reds? The Red Sox were crap for nearly a century until some rich freak bought them about 5 minutes ago and spent their way to a couple of titles.

NHL? Now I get're kidding.

That's funny stuff. Nice one.

Shake'n'bake said...

Hahaha Boston sports fans are wounded and lashing out. Read Simmons' last column. He was crushed so badly by th Pats loss he has lost all confidence in the Celtics. He was talking him down and the Cavs up so hard.

JC said...

Yea I'm dogging the Reds. Everything about them is a joke.

And the Colts lost too.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I think Colts fans feel ok about losing because we are coming back just as strong next year...

The Pats? They'll be lucky to have a head coach after Walsh goes Blockbuster on their ass.

It was such a delight to watch that window close in front of the whole world. Now, they'll pony big time money to Moss and watch in horror as he gets niiiice and comfortable on the sidelines with mysterious injuries. It's truly delightful.

JC said...

Right, because losing is OK.

I think we both know by now you just have to make plays in the big games.

Your roster/injuries/video tape don't really matter unless you knock the ball of the top of the guys helmet on third and 9.

We didn't do it this year, neither did you. I repeat. Neither did you.

And hockey means a lot up here.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah, neither did we...but then again...we did it last year. The light from your party is getting darker and darker...

We'll be right back in it next year, so we feel alright. The Pats? You all have nothing...nothing but that sick ache deep inside whispering..
"it's over. it's over..."

JC said...

Brady's 30. It's soooooo over.

By the way - Clemens is EFFED!

He lied so much, and so poorly, it was only a matter of friggin DAYS before an indictment was sought.

DZ said...

Yeah, Brady's only 30. Plenty of time for everyone to see what fluke his first few years were. Are you really sure you want to see him lose in the playoffs to a Manning for another half decade?

Clemens is getting exactly what he asked for.

HeatherRadish said...

Did I miss the motivational poster contest?

Demond Sanders said...

Losing in the playoffs is what most teams do; it's usually not an embarrassment.

A championship is supposed to be a rare thing in sports. Pats fans are only just realizing this. First it was 3 out of 4 Super Bowls. That has quickly become 3 out of the past 7 Super Bowls.

Someday we'll be talking about how Tom Brady has won 3 of the past 15 Super Bowls!

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady's age doesn't matter. Because Tom Brady has never been the reason you won Super Bowls. The age of your LBs matters. Your defense has always been your strong suit.