Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fountain of Youth

The Patriots have responded! Amid growing concerns that their defense was getting old and slow, especially at the linebacker position, the Pats have answered the bell by going after a younger free agent linebacker. The AFC trembles at the thought of the Pats getting younger and faster at the crucial position. What is this looming signing that will reduce the average age of the NE LB corps...?

Zach Thomas

The only thing funnier than the Pats potentially signing Thomas (who Manning calls the smartest defensive player he's played against), is the fact that at 34 he's actually younger than 2 of the 3 LBs the Pats have. This spring chicken is at least older than the baby of the group, Adalius Thomas who is 30. Given the Pats track record for signing guys the Dolphins are done with, this might actually work out for them. That won't stop me from making fun of it anyway.

Zach Thomas will be visiting other teams as well.

Demond Sanders: I'd be laughing and mocking a bit more, but amazingly the Patriots' Defense was its strongest unit in the final two games of the playoffs. Granted, Asante Samuel and the D line mask a lot of their weaknesses. We all really hoped that their ancient LBs would blow it for them two years in a row. But there's always next season. And they'll all be a year older.

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Bob M. said...

Cue the Ted Johnson jokes. Sadly, the only two guys in the room who won't get them are Ted and Zach. Sad.