Monday, February 18, 2008

Repeating the obvious

Cold Hard Football Facts prints a look at the most oft injured teams in football today. Their methodology in creating the list is fairly poor. For instance, they don't count games missed by backups for injured starters. This knocks the Colts down a peg (they still had the second most injuries on the list), because Indy had scores of games lost to not only first stringers but second stringers as well (Hagler, Moorehead, Dante Hughes just off the top of my head). They tossed in a little crack about the playoffs as well.

The 2007 Colts were a classic example of a year that was just not meant to be. They lost four games in 2007. All were to winning teams with margins of 4, 3, 6, and 3 points. The thing about teams with a great QB and a great coach is that they can fool you by beating lesser teams without all their players. But the margin between winning and losing is minuscule in the NFL. When you come up against elite teams you need players to be healthy and more importantly, the RIGHT players to be healthy (Of course, this didn't stop Billy Volek and his rag-tag band of wannabes from putzing their way down the field for the game winning TD in the playoffs). Ultimately, the 07 Colts weren't deep enough (especially at DE) to win it all. I don't know that that is anyone's fault; few teams are deep enough to endure this level of turnover in the roster AND this quantity of injuries. It's amazing to look at that list and note how horrible most of the teams on it were.

This offseason can't pass fast enough. Next year's team could very well be something truly special.


Anonymous said...

Stupid methodology. When a backup misses due to injury when the starter is already out, it can be far more devastating than the original starter being out. See e.g. Gonzo getting hurt vs. NE with Marvin out.

Throw the CHFF out with the chaff.

Anonymous said...

The list they created adds up to 80 games, not 64. That would put the Colts #1 on the list, not counting injuries lost to backups starting for starters.

zac said...

Also they count Rodney Harrison's time out as an "injury" when it actually was a suspension. That puts the Pats in the top third of the league in being healthy.

coltsfanawalt said...

I know this is off the subject, but it looks like DJ White may play tonight. It also appears to be positive news going forward.

Bob M. said...

Oh, the offseason can takes sweet time if it means improved health.
Normally I want the next season to start before tomorrow's breakfast (at least after losses to end 03, 04, and 05 I did) but this year I am content to get the writhing wounded back in a vertical position first. Especially 93.