Monday, February 4, 2008

The Greatest Ever

Giants 17 - Patriots 14
One more thought after the most awesome Super Bowl game ever: Huh, so the NFL puts a stop to the Pats' cheating, and they LOSE a Super Bowl by 3. Interesting.
The offseason just got a lot more fun for everyone


Anonymous said...

Bill Plascke (sp?) of the LA Times on ESPN prior to the draft when Eli was taken (as well as I can remember the quote) "Why would anyone want to draft a Manning at QB? What have the Mannings ever won?"


Bob M. said...

Stan, I assume you loved tonight. Pretty tough to look like an MVP QB when you're spitting grass out with every breath. Protection problems? I hope we never have to hear another Pats fan ridicule Peyton now that mister clutch came up short and his lofty 82 passer rating was 30 pts below his season average.
Oh wait, I said that a year ago and then.... mass-stupidity swallowed half the country and an 18-0 start to the season allowed it to continue.
Not sure where PM keeps his SB MVP trophy, but I think he gives Eli one year to enjoy it on the mantel, then it goes to their parents' house so they can be used as bookends. How cool is that? The kids would also implicitly be saying, "We don't need them. There'll be more." Here's hoping.

Andy said...

I was under the impression that the Patriots were cheating and still lost somehow.

I don't have any evidence of that; I'm just assuming at this point.

Anonymous said...

Archie is the classiest athlete I have ever seen. When I was 13, I saw him play the greatest game by a QB in NCAA history in the first ever prime time broadcast (Ala-Miss 1969). He threw for over 400 and ran for over 100. In the backyard, we were Archie during football season and Pistol Pete in hoops.

He played for horrible pro teams and even won an MVP (how freakin' amazing is that!). Yet, people think a stiff like Bradshaw was better. He never bitched or complained (contra Bradshaw's demand to be traded during one Super Bowl season).

He and his wife raised a family of great kids and are role models for everyone. His kids have been savaged, unfairly, in ways that are unprecedented. He never bitched or complained.

He is the epitome of class. He deserves this.

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to sign that one to Archie.