Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ugliest One Year-Old Ever

I've never been fan of first birthday parties, but women really seem to dig them, so in honor of our many female fans (let's see...there's Coltsgirl wife sometimes reads...and, ah...), we are going celebrate our first birthday anyway. One year ago, 18to88 got off to this rather inauspicious start. Since then we've posted 625 more times and our 6 readers proceeded to click on us 65,000 times. Thanks mom, BobM, and JC!

I want to give special thanks to Demond who wrote me one day last year to say, "We're doing a blog. It's called Start posting." And with precisely that level of thought and care we've proceeded ever since.

I'm going to celebrate by smearing cake all over my face.

Robert Vaden needs only to get drafted by the Pacers to become one of my favorite athletes ever. Playing at Pike and hitting a game winning three in the NCAA tournament for IU gets you part of the way there.

I griped most of last year about how I'm not a draft/combine guy. This list from SI is one of the reasons why. You just never know about any of these guys until they put on the pads and start hitting. One quibble...I wouldn't list Vince Young as evidence the Wonderlic is irrelevant just quite yet.

This is a fairly creepy article. I'm dying to hear what Sheffield has to say. I never thought I'd utter those words.
Thanks Coltsgirl.


Flipside Corporate Offices said...

Congrats, gentlemen. A mighty fine blog you've built here.

And in honor of this special day, we're sending over a stripper to your place. We don't have much money, so there's a fairly decent chance she'll look like the drunk clown from "Uncle Buck." But whatever. Enjoy.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Hey, thanks guys! Nothing like an unenthusiastic endorsement from the guys unenthusiastically endorsed by Vern Flemming. That's almost like having Vern Flemming mock you. I have only one thing to say about that...

zac said...

Congrats guys, excellent work here!

Shake'n'bake said...

Mario Williams isn't exactly a reason to be wary of the combine either. He lived up to the hype this season 14 sacks and two forced fumbles.

Shake'n'bake said...

Also, both Maurice Clarret's awful combine and Kearse's great one were signs of what was to come for them.

The point that the tests at the combine are overrated is totally true, but I wouldn't discount it totally.

Deshawn Zombie said...

The list was just for 'great stories'. I personally just found the list to say more about what was wrong with the combine blather than what was right.

Colts Girl said...

For the record (since I'm referenced as reason why we're celebrating rather than just glossing over the one-year anniversary), I really only enjoy little kids' birthdays and old people's birthdays. Standard grown-up birthdays just generally suck, especially if they're mine.

This, however, is TERRIFIC! I'm so glad I was told about this blog (thanks, Christa). Love it. I'll email you a picture of a Colts horseshoe cake I made a while back to help with the celebration (it's not one of my best efforts, but you can definitely tell what it is). WAHOO 18to88! You guys rock!

I'm just sorry that I couldn't send over a drunken clown stripper. All I could afford with my spare five bucks was one of the cheap hookers from over near where my husband works, and she said she'd insist on having sex with you. Not good. Not at all.

Congratulations, anyhow!

Dave said...

Happy Birthday or Anniversay or something like that.

As for the Combine list...As a Steelers fan, I'm thankful that the ridiculousnes of the combine caused Big Ben to fall to #11.

My favorite blog is (shameless promotion...18to88 is 2nd)

HeatherRadish said...

Congrats! Still my favorite blog-blocked-at-work; I appreciate all the links in one place.

I'll be in Indiana this weekend, staying with a clown. I can send him over to strip for you, if you like....

Chad said...

Happy Birthday Guys! Whenever I want to know something about the Colts I check out you guys or Here's to being Super Bowl XLIII champs!!

Deshawn Zombie said...

COLTSCAP.NET??? Where have you been all my life? Someone explain to me how I've gone this long without knowing about this page!

Seriously, you made my day with that link.

I feel like an idiot that I didn't know it existed!

Bob M. said...


BTW, Colts Girl won the thread. No point even trying after that. If I lived closer than Seattle, I might have been tempted to bake a cake. (If you ever make a road trip to watch a Colts-Seahawks game, let me know in advance; I'll bake one then.)
Try not to smear frosting all over creation like most one-year olds.