Thursday, February 7, 2008

Getting Physical

It sounds like a pair of icons may well be in serious trouble. What previous stood as only a pair of 'he said-he said' cases may well turn out swing on physical evidence. In the Roger Clemens case, Brian McNamee has turned over a bunch of seriously gross stuff. He claims it will prove that the Rocket is dirty. In the Spygate case, Roger Goodell has given Matt Walsh the assurances he said he wanted in order to rat out Bill Belichick.

I think we are all rooting for the same things in these cases-something definitive and damning.

In other news, one of my all time favorite teams made #6 on the list of greatest upsets.

Thanks to Bob M, we now know the Pats season was perfect for everyone else.

Finally, Ryan Parker comes through again.


Bob M. said...

Not making the slightest judgement of Clemens, but what kind of toad is McNamee? He provides illegal drugs to Clemens, shoots him up, and saves the bottles, syringes, bloody alcohol swabs (to prove DNA) as evidence for 8 years? What was that, his extortion retirement fund? "Well son, in case you ever get into Harvard, this bloody patch of cotton will pay your tuition someday." All the while he was doing this to Clemens he was planning this stunt? Why?
Okay, keep Clemens out of Cooperstown--it appears to be warranted, but give him 15 minutes with McNamee in a locked room with a bag of 100 baseballs.
And as for Belichick, a couple years ago I saw him cross the street to push an old lady down into a puddle. Then he kicked her Yorkie. I swear. The NFL handling of that whole mess has been weird.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I don't know; I think he was engaged in criminal activity and was looking to protect himself. Why should everyone be as stupid as Bonds' trainer? He knew what they were doing was wrong and that he could go to jail for it. He also knew that if that day came, the feds would want bigger fish than him. I'd say what happened was predictable-he wound up penniless and Clemens is rich; he was looking out for himself. I'm not sure if that's any more slimy than cheating to make millions and then lying to the country.

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Texas over USC wasn't on the list of upsets. ESPN ran stories for weeks about whether the Trojans were the greatest college football team in history. Does this mean it wasn't really a big upset? [but that would mean that ESPN was totally full of cr*p]


Deshawn Zombie said...

Yeah, maybe, but that was a 1 vs 2 game. When #2 beats #1 in NCAA football, it's not that big an upset. The SB this year was different becuase no one really though the Giants were better than maybe the 5th or 6th best team.

Bob M. said...

I agree about an NCAA 1/2 matchup. But for th Giants, I'd have pegged them lower. Maybe 9th? I'd have put them ahead of Tenn, TB, and Wash, and most of that was on the strength of their showing in Week 17.

Bob M. said...

Oh, and one last comment on the SB (we all hope): Let's give a little love to Ben Roethlisberger. That Americal Idol spot where he mangled The Pina Colada Song (does it have a real name?) was not terribly funny, except in a cringe-worthy sort of way, but it took some guts to do. I'm sure he had fun, and it's great to see these guys (like Peyton, unlike Brady in their TV spots) willing to look like dorky regular folks. But at the same time, 97 million people were probably laughing AT him for a few moments, which is always risky.
Ben, I think you are often an immature jerk, whose mental/social development may be the victims of your prodigious physical talents. But you are a good QB who scares me at least as much as Brady, and now you have shown me you have some perspective (on yourself, your "image," and your career as a pitch-man) as well. Kudos, boy.

This rant partially fueled by the song that keeps ringing in my ears. Please make it stop! Darn you to heck anyway, Ben!

HeatherRadish said...

The "Pina Colada Song" is called "Escape", by Rupert Holmes. And yes, that was a great commercial by Ben. I also liked the one with Chester Pitts and his oboe...

Anyway. It wasn't a PERFECT season. This image kept me warm while I was digging my car out of 18" of snow this morning:

"Did their team plane land safely back in Foxborough?" Colgrave asked. "It didn't happen to lose altitude over Boston, burst into a cartwheel of flames, throwing players like Roman candles across New England, and then slam into few dozen loudmouth Patriots' fans houses? It didn't? Well, I guess no football season is perfect."