Friday, February 1, 2008

This one ain't close

I am issuing a brief, pre-emptive congratulations to the fans of the soon to be Super Bowl champion Patriots. I don't think this game will be close. The Giants are very talented, but the Patriots throw the ball six yards at a time. The short passes are nearly impossible to stop because of the threat of Randy Moss.

So congratulations ahead of time, New England. You can revel in the knowledge that:

1.) I'm less of a fan of the NFL because of this season. I like it 3 or 4% less.

2.) The endless references to this Patriots team over the next 30 years will have an untold negative effect on my personal well being.

3.) I hate you. . . soooo much.

4.) Something broke in the space/time continuum the night of the Ravens game. The Patriots were supposed to lose that game. It wouldn't surprise me a bit to find out that Belichick's grandson actually possesses a time machine and he has been sneaking back in time to help his grandfather call the right plays.

5.) Tom Brady brought his hair stylist to the Super Bowl with him. I wish I were making that up.

6.) Our opinion of Brady hasn't changed. A good player who is accurate and protects the football. Manning is still better in our opinion. Both players have many seasons left and we are content to judge them in 2015. The Colts have a much younger team than the Patriots and I hope that we are merely witnessing the brief overlap between two dynasties.

7.) Patriots 31 - Giants 23.


JC said...

We have what......the 7th overall next year?

Bob M. said...

I hope they can draft 2 HOF-quality LBs, an HOF safety and a couple guys to replace their departing WRs (assuming Samuel gets re-signed) with that #7 slot. Good luck, there. How many guys from the 07 draft class are on the roster, like three? Maybe they can draft a hairdresser to keep Tom Teriffic loking good every week.

Naah, they'll just pull a Steinbrenner and scoop up a bunch of the hot FA's after the draft. And maybe win it all again. Maybe not.

Bob M. said...

Demond, how do you measure that 3%-4% less interested? Did you do it via a blood test, or questionnaire? A dunk tank like those body-fat tests? I want empirical specifics! (great line from M*A*S*H... Hawkeye: "There's not a device sensitive enough to measure my indifference to that fact.")
I think that if I were not a Colts fan I'd actually be 5.27% more interested in the NFL this year because of the Pats' firepower and the 19-0 potential. Trying to be honest and objective here; I think it's a pretty appealing spectacle to anybody who doesn't have a personal grudge, as all right-minded folks SHOULD have. Also Favre's resurgence probably adds a little sizzle.
I wouldn't get too worked up over the endless references over the next 30 years. Who has really believed the Miami Dolphins champagne stories for the past decade or more and who ever took that stuff seriously, other than to pity them just in case it was true.
Look at it this way, if those same tales emerge, EVERONE will be ridicuing the delusional old fart 2007 Pats about the time my yet-to-be-born grandsons get into football. Warms the heart. Hope I cheered you up a bit.

JC said...

No, Bob, they'll actually move that for a #1 next year, and effectively punk off the commissioner.

Salary cap pal, salary cap. Steinbrenner is apples to oranges in the world of the NFL.

And regarding the 2007 draft....Merriweather is chasing kicks and will probably move to corner. The next pick we made was at the end of the 4th round. Our other 4th went for Moss, and our 2nd went for Welker.

O-line and D-line are young, Brady just turned 30 and we're a free agent hot-spot.

We'll be around.

Demond Sanders said...

Bob - you've inspired me.

The thought of mocking an aging Brady does have a certain appeal.

That makes me 2.4% less angry about this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The Giants do have a chance and I will be rooting them on because the Patriots do not deserve another SB, and I hate them. If you're writing the Giants off already, you might as well not watch the game.

colts girl said...

I will be rooting for the Giants (even though I feel their chances are slim) as I eat a whole bag of Double Stuf Oreos.

Then I will run. A lot.

SpeedBlue47 said...

So, how about we talk about that draft thing. I hear it might actually be relevant to the Colts.


Bob M. said...

But jc, if it truly were apples to apples, don't you think Kraft would be paying the luxury tax (whatever the name is for the "over the cap" payments) out the wazoo, like Steinie? Along with Snyder and Jerry Jones. Ick, that's not quite select company. I like Kraft more than that. But I have a feeling if the salary structure was the same, he'd be in that company.

hmmm, 4th for Moss, 2nd for Welker... I had overlooked those when looking for rookies onthe roster. Suddenly, it looks like a darn good "draft." Especially if they can keep them more than one year.

Josh said...

I am surprised there have been no comments about the new Spygate stuff. Seems like Bill has been doing this for years, even allegedly having someone tape the Rams closed walkthrough the day before their upset over the Rams and start of the dynasty. This could get interesting...

Deshawn Zombie said...

Why no draft comments? Because we talked about twice this month already, and there isn't that much to say.

Anonymous said...

If I don't kill myself this afternoon, I'll be back to take my medicine if anyone wants to give it.


Deshawn Zombie said...

JC! You showed. Good for you. I'm not surprised; you're insane, but I figured you were stand up enough to show up. LV on the other hand...doubt we're going to hear from him.