Saturday, September 20, 2008

Watching the Jags

Eyes in the Backfield this week focuses heavily on the offensive lines. Here's a taste:

With a miracle win under their belt, the Colts look to get this season going in the right direction by taking down the struggling Jaguars. Both teams have to view this game as a must win, as the Jags have stumbled out of the gate and are in serious danger of falling permanently out of playoff contention. Here's what to watch for on Sunday:

1. Watch for the MASH units. Both teams have had their offensive lines decimated by injury, and it's seriously affecting their ability to run the football. The back-ups that do a better job in run blocking should come out with a win.

2. Watch for the two givens in any game against the Jags. Josh Scobee will miss a short field goal and Jack Del Rio will make a major coaching gaffe. It happens almost every time these two teams play.

3. Watch the slot. Especially if Dallas Clark comes back, it may be a game of Russian roulette for the Jags in the slot. The only problem is that every chamber has a bullet. It doesn't matter who the Colts play there, Wayne, Gonzalez and Clark will take turns carving up the Jags over the middle.

Keep reading...there's 15 more things to watch for!

Also, just one programming note:
Westside Rob will be doing the live game blog again tomorrow, as Demond and I will be at the game. In addition, win or lose there won't be any 18 Plays Podcast this week. I will be occupied with the move back to Argentina, and can't be sure that I'll have time to watch the game tape until much much later in the week.


Shake'n'bake said...

Marvin had a second chance on a deep ball in the Bears game, but Tillman grabbed Marvin once he was beat and got called for illegal contact.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Exactly. Marvin had one game with a couple of missed opportunities and one quiet game. It seems a bit early to give up on him, although it can't be denied that his drop and fumble and bad route against Minnesota were costly. As long as defenses commit key defenders to him, he is valuable.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how he does when they DON'T commit their best players to him. That will show us if he's back or not. That being said, good defenders know that our O-line is in shambles right now, so they can get away with covering Marvin underneath. Saturday coming back may solve our running game problems AND open Marvin up for a good day. Manning doesn't have a favorite target though, so whoever he's throwing to you can be sure rashean mathis isn't covering him.

Nice job on eyes.

coltsfanawalt said...

Quick, kids! Hide the sharp objects!

Bob M. said...

Taser? You guys are so high-tech. I'd just use some ether and a concession stand napkin.
I AM kind of waiting for other teams to believe the stories of Marvin's demise... He used to make everyone suffer in the reg season, regardless of who was covering him. If they roll coverage toward 87, as--let's face it--they should, Marvin should end up with 8/100/1.
Safe trip to Argentina.