Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Same Video...amazing new intro.

God bless you, Joe Addai. I really needed something good to happen today.

Link: The CBS guys think that the Jags are in trouble. Me too.

Why don't I feel good about this weekend? Howard Mudd is OUT. What? The one thing we need is good O-line play, and the coach is out. Awesome.

Rick Reilly says the Colts couldn't sell out the Dome 4 years ago. Since they've had 56 consecutive sellouts, I'm questioning his math, but whatever. But hey, who needs facts right?


Shake'n'bake said...

Big Ed Cut

Bob M. said...

Howard Mudd is too important to lose. The article only said he'll miss practice this week... maybe not the game?

Maybe Metzelaars can suit up as a blocking TE--would that violate the 53-man roster rules?