Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jags Pregame

As DZ mentioned I'll (Westside Rob) once again be blogging the home game for today. Some surprising games so far around the league.
  • The Brady injury finally catching up with NE, though even without Brady they shouldn't be giving up those kinds of points.
  • The Bengals hanging with the Giants.
  • ATL and Matt Ryan looking like a really decent team, against a hapless Chiefs team.
  • Buffalo down to the once hapless Raiders (I have the Bills in my Suicide pool so I'm sweating it bad right now)
  • The Titans looking pretty scary and all over the Texans once again.

For those few of you who tuned into my blogging of the Bears game, I am not going to do quite the moment by moment blogging this time. I'll probably take the Demond approach and blog at the end of each drive, and maybe when there is a really big play. I'll try to follow and respond to the comments better this time.

I'm looking for the Colts to break out today. I know the Jags are desperate but I tend to think that will make them sloppy and push them to make mistakes. Saturday being back should help settle the line down. If the Colts can get up early, the Jags lack of mental toughness should lead them to collapse early. Let's go Colts!!!

First Quarter:

1st Drive: GREAT DRIVE! Great catch by Clark for a big game, and the stretch play is BACK and you gotta love Marvin catching the TD.

Good special teams coverage, and great 3 and out by the defense. Great start by the Horse!

Not a horrible series on the second drive. A couple O-line breakdowns but we got the running game going again and some good pass plays before coming up short on a long 3rd down. Bad field position for the Jags to start their 2nd drive.

Too many missed tackles by the whole defense. Players generally be seeming to hold their gaps and coverage, but just aren't making tackles. Nice stand at the goal though. Jags can't win scoring FGs. You have to score TDs to beat the Colts. Min proved that last week.

Sorry had to step away for a bit for some family stuff, so I might be behind for a while, as I catch up on the DVR. Bad offensive series by the Colts and the defense follows up soft as well, but get tough at the goal line again. 4 and out!

Huge throw to Wayne, followed by a huge pick by Peyton that Mathis return for a touchdown. Mathis had seriously illegal contact... Colts get ball back and start running the ball. Peyton still doesn't look fully himself, but a great long throw to AG helps! Another HORRIBLE no call, Cross is wrong. Finally they make the call on interference, about time. Dumb jokes by Enberg. BIG delay/draw stretch to Rhodes, that's a play I'd like to see more of. TOUCHDOWN J.Addai Master!

Halftime Thoughts: Offense is running the ball well. If not for that bad pick this game is already half way to put away. I like what I'm seeing from the offense, but I'd like to see the defense get a little more stout. The rookie Guards are doing better this week with Saturday back in but they need to stop the false starts. Other then that much better play from the O-line.

3rd Qtr: Defense playing more stout even though they are giving some ground (bending but not breaking). Getting the Jags into 3rd downs (some longish). Need to get a stop but looking better. AND THERE IT IS. Hayden makes a great jump and takes it the other way

Offense has to capitalize on the TO with a TD. Instead Peyton turns it over in the endzone. Poorly underthrown ball by Peyton. My wife is daring me to type that Peyton sucks...of course he doesn't but that was a totally sucky throw. She doesn't really think that Peyton sucks but just thinks that the lack of Bob Sanders on the field is affecting Peyton's mind.

Run defense was looking better until that big play, HORRIBLE tacking. Defense is collapsing. Offense needs to get a drive going and put TD on the board.

So my Dad wants to know what happened to the rhythym of the first half on offense? It's not looking good right now. We need to get the momentum back.

Jennings has been huge on Special Teams this year. Nice shoestring tackle on the punt return.

We really need to hold them to a FG here, the defense is play about 3/4ths of the plays really good and the other 1/4th really bad. Giving up an 18 yd gain on 2 and 17 is a good way to make sure you lose. Note to the Colts coaches. Del Rio is going to RUN no matter what.

This game is a mirror image of last week's game. Problem is your much better off surging in the 2nd half then the 1st. In response to the question of which is worse the Colts D o O??? I'd vote Offense in the 2nd half because they were totally inept. Defense at least held them to a FG.

Well if the Colts can't get this 1st down then they definitely wear the title of more "incompetent" for this game at least. Their 2nd half performance has been just about as horrible as you can imagine.

Amazing throw 18 to 88!!! First down!

I think people can start to shut up about Marvin being done. He might be on the downside of his career but I think he still has a good deal to offer.

Great play to Wayne, Colts inside the 5!!!!

TOUCHDOWN COLTS!!!!!!!!! J.Addai Master nice run up the middle. I wish they'd run earlier in that position since if they didn't get in Jax has to take timeouts...

What a kickoff by AV. Let's go D, we need to be TOUGH! Nice tackle by Jackson

One play guys, just one play. We need it!

HORRIBLE CALL!!! This is not looking good. Comes down to a 51yard kick. Though the game was over and the Refs bailed Jax out on that absolutely horrible pass interference call.

Colts Lose... we got screwed but didn't really deserve to win it anyway. This team really needs to dig deep and figure out what's going on. No intensity, no consistency.

Thanks DZ and DS for the chance to help out again.


Anonymous said...

I really expected the NE defense to be much worse without Brady. Defense wins championships and NE fans have told us for years that Brady won those three Super Bowls. Obviously, he must have been a big factor in the great defense NE has played over the years. Miami putting up 38 today was clearly due to Brady's injury.


Ian said...

Nice! Love getting Marvin involved.

And some really weird announcing about magicians and dollar bills and back pockets.

Westside Rob said...

Anyone else getting lots of visual disruptions? It's like some kind of interferance. I'm not getting it on any other channel so I think it must be a CBS problem...

Ian said...

Good point from Cross about us tossing the ball on runs instead of using the stretch. Why were we doing that, was it Peyton's knee, Saturday's injury?

Anonymous said...

In Knoxville, we didn't get the Colts until the Giant OT win was over (CBS went there after Titans win). I haven't seen anything wrong.

Running the outside stretch makes a little difference, huh? Liked Peterson's take.


Westside Rob said...

Yes I believe Peyton was avoiding stretch to take it easy on his knee. It's back today, BIG TIME!

Bob M. said...

Stan, I couldn't agree more re NE's D. I guess I never gave #12 enough credit for his solid D.

They often seem to hack up a furball against Miami. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Nice to force another FG, but we won't be facing Min and Jax every game.

Anonymous said...

Marvin didn't make any effort to adjust to the ball (still not a good throw). Reggie drops one in his chest. False start on Diem. Can't block 4 rushers with 7 blockers. Yuck.


Anonymous said...

Jax is intent on making the Colt LBs play ball by throwing dinks and running. It's working.

Westside Rob said...

I had to step away for a few minutes for some family stuff so I'll be behind for 10-15 minutes. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Has Marvin ever fought for the ball? I never really watched him before 2003. I've never seen him fight for it in the time since then. Did he fight for it when he was younger?

If he can't scare DBs with speed anymore, they will sit on top of him. If he won't fight for the ball, 18 won't be able to trust him to throw it to him anymore.


Shake'n'bake said...

Mathis grabbed Marv's shoulder and pulled Marv back and himself forward. The refs blew that one

Anonymous said...

Marvin apparently doesn't dive anymore either (end zone). [I know he got grabbed on the INT, but he didn't fight for the ball, either.]


Ian said...

From the ad for that new Worst Week show on CBS: "Do you like bad luck?"

No, and I don't like your stupid new sitcom either.

I'm worried about this game. Will Del Rio find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan:

If, according to DZ, Brady is heading to Aikmenville....where is Manning headed?




Anonymous said...

Everyone (even Argentinian grandmothers) know that the Jags are going to run it. The rare pass is a short dump off.

Colts can't stop it.

Which is worse right now, the Colt offense or the Colt defense?

Anonymous said...

You guys should be 1-2 like the punch combo I hit that kid with in Newport last July.

Tavaris bitch ass Jackson.


Ian said...

That's sickening. What an absolutely unfathomable call to give Jacksonville the game.

Anonymous said...

David Garrard can't pass. All he could do was dump off all day. And with barely a minute left and knowing that the Jags couldn't run, the Colt defense STILL couldn't stop Jax.

Anonymous said...

Unfathomable? The WR is slanting and the LB slams into him before the ball gets there. How is a PI call under those circumstances hard to understand?

chipbennett said...

The WR ran into the LB. That call was beyond horrible.

Let's not even mention the double-digit PI calls the refs *didn't* call on the Jags' DBs (or the ridiculous number of holds on their linemen).

Pass Interference *not* called on the Jags: Mathis gets a pick-six (by pulling Harrison out of the way by the jersey).

Non-Pass Interference *called* on the Colts: instead of turning the ball over on downs, giving the Colts the game, the Jags get a new set of downs, and get to drive down for the game-winning FG.

Had the Colts not driven down for the game-winning TD, I wouldn't feel quite so bad about the loss; up until that point, they were out-played.

But to see them legitimately pull the game out in the end, only to have the refs hand the win to the Jags - I just can't handle that.

Bob M. said...

Didn't see it and has no highlights posted yet. Were the calls so poor that they dare not show them? Or they need severe editing? Were two blown PI plays really the game changers?
Ah well, another night of yelling at the kids....

Anonymous said...

Keiaho was in a zone, looking at the QUARTERBACK, and the WR ran right into him, and they call it PI on Keiaho...


The Mathis non-call was ridiculous too. At least we know they didn't beat us legitimately. We'll get them in Jax.

Anonymous said...

Bob M,

Mathis was just beating Marvin up most of the game (until they put him on Wayne). Should have had illegal contact calls all day. He clearly grabbed Marvin and pulled him out of the way to grab the INT. Blatant.

The last minute PI call on 4th down looked like a good call. Jax ran the WR on a slant and looped the RB wide. Colt LB is marking the RB, doesn't even see the WR (or the ball) and just runs right through him as he is trying to get to the ball. Unless the ref could have ruled that the ball was uncatchable (I don't see it as plausible), it was PI.


Bob M. said...

Thanks, Stan. Cold comfort. I hate complaining about calls--flashbacks to 2003 AFCCG. Legit or not, it's not gonna get anybody anywhere unless Ed Hochuli is reffing, and even then all you get is a warm feeling and sympathy. An L is an L.

Bob M. said...

Well, based on the fact that the NFL put the highlights in question on-line, I'd say they're comfortable that they were appropriate calls. I couldn't see Mathis/Marvin clearly but it looked Like Kiaho had his feet moving. Clearly he didn't see the receiver, but he hit him with a ball in the air--I've seen worse calls.
Pretty classy that the NE crowd booed a team that has won 20 of their past 22 games. That'll motivate them. What is it, Philly!?!? What's the over/under on Moss quitting? 2 more games? 3?

Jeez, that direct-snap to Ronnie Brown trick play... fool me once, shame on me. Fool me four more times on the same damn play, I'm just freakin' stupid. NOT what I'd expect from a BB coached team. Yikes.

Bob M. said...

Okay, another replay and I saw Mathis drag Marvin's sleeve to get in position on the pick--the announcers made quite a point of it. Surprised controversy-averse NFL posted that one.