Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Higher Plane: The MMTTB report

If science has taught us anything, it's that the highest plane of human evolution will lead us to become beings of pure energy and light. It seems that such heady days are finally upon us. In Green Bay, reporters have been noting a bright sheen around the heads of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy for weeks now. On Sunday afternoon, these two immortal football men broke forever the bonds of their fleshly bodies and entered a higher plane of being. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers' evisceration of the mighty Detroit Lions, coupled with Brett Favre's inability to tame the hapless Patriots, Thompson and McCarthy have transcended this dimension and gained the ability to move unencumbered through time and space, existing freely at all points in the continuum at once. Mike Greenberg of ESPN affirmed their greatness by declaring Aaron Rodgers "the best quarterback in the NFL". Wear glasses in their presence, boys. Staring directly at them can cause retinal damage.

Whitlock is sweating this about as much as I am.

ESPN the Rag has a cool feature on the Addai Master

And one on 'dynamic duos'

Peter King likes the Jags. He'd better, his rep is in trouble if they lose.

Scouts Inc looks at the next King of the Hill after Manning and Brady. My favorite line is from Jeremy Green on weaknesses:
It would be easy to say Rivers' arm strength, but that arm did pass the Chargers into the AFC Championship Game.
No it didn't Jeremy. Rivers left the game trailing. Billy Volek's arm took the Chargers to the AFC Championship game.


zac said...

I told you so. It's Aaron Rodgers world, we're all just living in it.

And I think after his recent comments, I am moving Schilling past jc as the most insufferable Boston apologist in the world. Bill Simmons, as always, brings up the rear.

zac said...

The key logical fallacy in this anti-Rodgers position is this sentence in that Whitlock article.

"Until Rodgers does it for a decade and a half without missing a game, he's no Brett Favre!"

Rodgers doesn't need to prove his is a legend like Brett Favre, he needs to prove he is better than the 2008-09 version of Favre. As of now, there is no doubt he has been better.

And I think he will end this season as the better QB on the better team.

Deshawn Zombie said...

You are right that Whitlock's point is off base, but that isn't the basis for the anti-Rodgers position.

The anti-Rodgers position is based on the fact that most QBs suck, and all Jeff Tedford QBs suck. Rodgers has looked great so far, but two games isn't enough to go on (especially when those two teams aren't very good). We'll see how he looks against Dallas.

JC said...

Right....because that Cowboys DST really helped me win this week.

Zac I'm not an apologist. I'm incapable of speaking the words "i'm sorry".

Classify me another way.

John said...

Tony sez Clark & Saturday are likely to play.

zac said...

I guess I can't classify you as having a working vocabulary either: the definition of an apologist is....a person who argues to defend or justify some policy or institution.

You are a Pats/Sox/Boston apologist!

jc said...

I know what it means hero I was making a joke.

Like i haven't called DZ the biggest Peyton Manning apologist on earth a dozen times.

zac said...

I am a hero.

/David Tyree

John said...

Hey, nice piece on the Luke on FO.

Anonymous said...

"He needs his ass beat."

After my son showed me the youtube of his showboat fumble in the HS all-star game, I agree. You would think that having made a complete ass of himself on national tv once would be enough.

Just get in the end zone and hand the ball to the ref. It was good enough for Payton.


Bob M. said...

Stan, I loved Whitlock's "he needs an enforcer/his ass beat" bit. I was stunned to see that on youtube, but have seen worse. I am surprised the refs called it--looked pretty close to me. But I will assume he learned his lesson without the beating--they did get the TD after all that, no? That makes it relatively painless, unless he owns himself on his own FF team.

Schilling if a piece of crap fraud.

Hey, what the F is Norv turner whining about with inadvertent whistles? Clint Session picked his QB in the EZ last year and ran it out 98 yards to the SD 5 before passing out, but was called back to the 20 because of an inadvertent whistle. We did not score on the ensuing drive, but would have had we started at THEIR 5! So with SD winning that game by 2 after all those gifts, Norv should have a giant bronzed inadvertent whistle in his living room and sacrifice a rookie at its base it every week. Either that ot let a randomly selected Colts fan cram a pair Nike cleats halfway up Norv's colon on a weekly basis. Inadvertent whistle whining my ass!

Bob M. said...

The saving grace of JC and Kurt "Lipstick on my Sock" Schilling is that I'm pretty sure JC is as opposed to the Kurtmeister's politics as I am.

lief said...

I'm not anti-Rodgers... but as a lifelong Packer fan, I did not support the decision to go with Rodgers over Favre (regardless of how it went down)....

Hmmm... after your Sept 18 post about the Lions - and now the Sept 28 games vs. Arizona and TB you must be working hard to get that foot out of your mouth.

When will Ted Thompson be done in GB? His 3 year commitment with our organization does not warrant my full and blind support. I do not think he will ever live down the mistake he made in letting Favre go.... though, history will tell.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Lief, if you were a regular reader, you'd get the joke.

My feelings about the Favre/Rodgers mess are well documented. MMTB is a weekly commentary on the state of the media hype.

Just wait for this week. It'll be fun.