Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I have the flu

So all you're getting out of me is some links today (and maybe a podcast if I feel better):

CHFF and power rankings.

Adam Schien thought the Colts had the worst loss of the weekend. Seriously? Explain San Diego to me then.

This is a bit of cheap shot, but it's sort of funny too:


zachary Pittman said...

One way you could see our loss as being worse than the San Diego loss is that the Bolts got beaten on a last second play...they had that game in hand.

We got manhandled and never had a shot in the game because of our mistakes. I guess you could see that as being worse.

Deshawn Zombie said...

That's not a very accurate way looking at either game. The Chargers trailed all day, and had to make a great comeback in that game. Carolina had them dead to rights and let them back in it. That game was all Carolina for most of the day.

We had the ball down two points late in the third quarter in our game. I wouldn't describe that "as never having a shot". The Colts played with precious little preseason time for their number one offense and three replacements on the O-line, who hopefully won't be playing in a few weeks.

zac said...

I agree with you, I'm just trying to understand the rationale.

No matter what, we are just a couple weeks from establishing ourselves as the best team in the AFC again. All we need to do is put the Vikings in an 0-2 hole and the Jags in an 0-3 hole (they lose to buffalo) and we are back.

Justin Landon said...


Ed Johnson got arrested hanging out with Mary Jane. This can't help the run defense

Bob M. said...

Clearly Ed Johnson was listening to too much Tom Petty recently.

In related news, Bill Polian's blood pressure cuff exploded and shot off into space. I know mine would.