Friday, September 5, 2008

Staring down a Bear

Our regular Friday feature Eyes in the Backfield is up. Here's a taste of what you'll find:

It's been a long offseason, and everyone is more than ready for some football. We'll kick everything off this week by hosting the Bears and ushering in a new era in Indianapolis Colts football. The Bears aren't quite the same team we faced just 19 months ago in Miami; they threaten to be a doormat in the NFC North this year. Here are the 18 most important things to keep an eye on this week:

1. Watch Peyton’s left knee. All indications are that he’s on solid ground after recovering from offseason knee surgery, but until he comes out firing Sunday night, doubts will still linger.

2. Watch for pressure up the middle. The Colts are sporting three new starters on the O-line, but will have last year’s starters at tackle back. Last year, the line was beset by injuries, but there was only really trouble when the tackles were hurt. Howard Mudd mixes and matches better than anyone in the league along the line, so expect solid play up front. With last year’s whipping boy Charlie Johnson finally out of the tackle positions, he has the chance to prove that he is a legitimate NFL starter.

3. Watch Dwight Freeney spin. His health is the single most important issue for the 2008 Colts. If he is getting good pressure on the QB, the Colts will be set for a deep run again in 2008. The spin move is Freeney's signature, and if he can execute it at full speed without pain, it bodes well for the weeks to come.

Be sure to click the link above to check out the full piece.

So we did it! It's been a full week of pumping out enlightening content all designed to edify and encourage the fans of Indianapolis to still greater heights of knowledge, but it will all pay off with a big win on Sunday.

Again, if you missed the two articles from earlier this week be sure to check out our Lost Standings and 18 Bold Visions.
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You can join Joe Addai for fantasy football. His team name is Jaddai Council. So very very cool. He is forever more the Jaddai Master here at

Hack journalist, but good football man Mike Lombardi has three stats that matter if you want to make the Super Bowl.

Big Blue Shoe does his best JC impersonation for a highly entertaining season preview over at deadspin.

Just a note, Westside Rob will be doing a live game blog on Sunday night, so be sure to check it out. We'll both be at the game, but he'll be covering things for us this week and during the Jacksonville game. After that, I go back to the 'Tina, so I'll try to cover the home games from there on out.

Here's a video of The Jaddai Master:

Here's a great interview with Polian on Chicago radio.


Colts Girl said...

I'm just so glad football is back (the real thing--not just the preseason teasing). I'll be here from time to time to bitch about the F-Pats and agree with all praise of the Colts, but since I have a job this season that requires me to be on the computer, I can't promise the prolific posting of the past. Somehow, being online loses some lustre when you have to be there for work...

Rock on, guys!

Westside Rob said...

As always you guys rock. Thanks for all of your hard work and determination. I'll work hard blogging the game Sunday to be half as good as you guys are week in and week out.

Bob M. said...

Awesome EITB, and funny as well.

Hart is no bigger than Addai--denser maybe, at 5-9/206 vs 5-11/214 on the team's web page. But I think we'll see Dom before Hart in those situations. If we're up by 3 TDs in the 4th quarter, watch for Hart to get ten carries, though.... maybe more than he had in all preseason.

Deshawn Zombie said...

He's compact and hard to bring down and never fumbles. That sounds like a possible 3rd down back to me.

I admit it's probably more wishful thinking than anything.

Bob M. said...

Lombardi's piece was pretty decent. Except for this, which I cannot understand unless there's a typo: ..."He [Peyton Manning] was talking about all the things he went through and now where he's at," Jason Campbell said, referring to a conversation the two had about forks in the road of a career and how Manning somehow veered down the right path against every piece of evidence to the contrary.

Is he saying the evidence of PM's life is that he took the wrong path all the time? Like his teenage gang affiliation, his years in the joint, his preference for mad scrambing? Those choices? Am I missing something?

Bob M. said...

Oh yeah, Jaddai Master, incredibly good nickname.

Seems like just yesterday when my favorite ex-Bostonian moron was making fun of Jaddai Master's last name (I think the immortal simmons said, "he bought too many vowels when he was on Wheel of Fortune"). Humor fit for a 10 year-old d-bag, which is what simmons is mentally and where his development was arrested.

Not smart either, especially when his RB's name best morphs into Baloney or Moron-y. Don't go throwing stones at the Jaddai Master, simmons.

JC said...

Operative words being "highly entertaining".

Whoever wrote that is cool. When you can lampoon your own fanbase but rep your team at the same's called humor.

I was sick to my stomach last night and it wasn't from all the pills and Jack.

I hadda choose between the Giants and John McCain. It was evil.

coltsfanawalt said...

polian mentioned starting without seven contributors from last season due to injury (and Pitcock) this season. Wo are they?

Pitcock, Lilja, Saturday, Hagler...

Scott by release? Who am I missing?

Shake'n'bake said...

Rushing and Coe to go with Scott/Utecht leaving in free agency?