Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Viking Funeral

Burned 'Em. Colts 18 Vikings 15


Anonymous said...

So anyone know anything about Bob and Ugoh?

Shake'n'bake said...

Randy Moss has had one pass thrown to him in the first 29 minutes of the Pats-Jets game. Over-Under on how long before he quits on that team?

Adam said...

Simmons was right. Moss has 3 weeks before Cassel has to find a new #1, because he's not going over the middle for some no-name backup.

And once he does that, it's game over for the Pats.

Side note: how the fuck did we win that game?

Other side note: I win and I lose. AP gets 100+ yards, and the horseshoe gets the win. Good day for me.

Shake'n'bake said...

Moss has two receptions for 22 yards and one incomplete deep ball.

JC said...

Shake you watchin the game?

Or watchin the stat line?

Shake'n'bake said...

listening to the game and watching the stat line

Shake'n'bake said...

Chargers 0-2

Shake'n'bake said...

Ugoh's injury is groin, but that's all I can find. Bob's was an ankle.

Shake'n'bake said...

BIG Z!, no hitter. One baserunner allowed on a walk, who was then out on a double play. 27 batters faced.

Bob M. said...

Holy moley, 76 comments on the in-game blog! You've come a long way since you started this blog in an ice fishing shack with a power generator you had to hand-crank and a computer the size of a Buick that randomly chewed up the punch-cards you fed it.

The game was on in Seattle so between yard chores I got to watch most of it, and I was on the "we can't win this one" boat after the first half, despite the close score. I applauded Childress striking deep with 20 seconds left in the first half--smart. I saw mostly gthe 2nd half and never saw Purle jesus get more than 5 on any run--only in highlights did I see some of the uglier action. Sheesh, glad I missed it.

I was also set to bash Stan, who used to belittle the OL as merely adequate and say the OL was only thought well of because they were elevated by Manning's play (that includes the run game as well). It did NOT look that way in the first 3/4 of the game--behind a "replacement level" line he was a pretty average QB and the run game was non-existent.
And then something happened and PM put on his blue tights and red cape. Stan, I sit corrected--even with a crap line and a stout D, PM reigns supreme. With a little help from Freeney's strip, Gonzo's lateral, etc.

In other news, SD is 0-2, NE is 2-0(game film from HS for DCs to study Cassel?), Jags are 0-2 and MJD will be an owl for Halloween this year (didja see the highlight of his helmet being turned 180? Tough to run when you cannot see. Jeez, when I played in jr HS, the helmets fit a little tighter than that.) Denver looking good, but we own them (gulp). Buffalo looking for a 4-0 start--good for them! Tites will be tougher without VY starting. There's a reason Collins is not a starter, but it is not because VY is a better QB.

Oh, almost forgot--excellent tackles on the INTs by Marvin and Reggie. Marv was slick and effective while Reggie looked like he wanted to take off a head.

What's up with LDT and Gates in SD? Stats and highlights did not look so impressive. Bad toes?

Bob M. said...

Oh God, sorry that's so long. mea culpa.

Bob M. said...

Okay, since I have west coast time on my side, time for multiple posts--despite what looked on the surface like a convincing win, Tenn really just edged by a weak Cin team. The D looked good, but the game was a major punt-fest. If not for a missed chip shot FG by Cin and a blocked punt recovered in the EZ for Tenn, we're talking a 7 point game. Because of bad winds, the better rushing team had a big advantage.

Hey, we held them to two 3rd down conversions! I'd never have guessed that at the half!

David Garrard better go without an INT for the rest of the season to match last season's mark of 3!

Now sure why Den rushed only 15 times when Selvin Young averaged 10 YPC on 8 carries! But throw it up 50 times, WTF. Seemed to work. Den nearly doubled SD's 1st down number and rushing total. Yet it was very close. Interesting.... Are both teams just crappy defending against the pass?

Anonymous said...

Found game highlights at
Didn't know about them.

They show 18's first INT to 88 from two angles. The scary thing is that the Vikes had no respect for Marvin. Watch Winfield's coverage. It looks like a replay of Pitt's Palamulau (sp?whatever long hair) in the playoffs. 88 is in position, but fails to pin the defender and just lets him beat him to the ball. 18 has to trust him on that, and I'll bet the trust is starting to slip.

Anyone else worried that the Vikes felt real comfortable about playing so much man coverage in the secondary?

Checked out the INT to 87. Looks like he's supposed to sit down in the hole. Looks like he drifts too far inside (too close to the LB). 18 throws it to the side away from coverage (as he is supposed to), but 87 didn't square up.

Without knowing what the play is or how the reads are supposed to pan out, that's my guess on what happened. Clearly, QB and WR were not on the same page.


Looked back at the first INT to 88. Might also be that the Vikes fooled them with a strange man under technique where the DB plays outside and then slides under. It's either that, or Winfield just had absolutely no concern at all that Marvin would try to beat him deep.