Friday, September 5, 2008

18 Bold Visions for 2008

Submitted for your approval,'s yearly tradition of putting down on virtual paper the grandiose claims that you all find here every day. We are nothing if not accountable for the things we say, so we like to have a compendium of our preseason predictions.

18 Bold Visions is the public record of what we predict for 2008. Everything on this list is coming true. You can agree or disagree, but be prepared for the total seriousness with which we take these predictions. You can bet the farm on every single one.

Assuming you don't mind not owning a farm any more, of course.

Check back tomorrow for Eyes in the Backfield.

That's the crazy old Bob we know and love! It's time to expect more of Manning? More than his finest year at QB like he had last year? More than him throwing for 400 yards and completing 16 straight passes against a great defense like he did in the playoffs last year? More than giving his team the lead in the fourth quarter only to have his defense fold to a back up QB/RB combination? Good old, Kravitz. Saying crazy stuff again. I almost missed it.


Bob M. said...

Oh come on, Kravitz is just dispensing some tough love. And selling papers. While I think it's a bit much to lay this all at the QB's feet (especially with last year's injuries), I can easily imagine Manning agreeing with every word.

Julio Queiroz said...

Great predictions, though #1 isn't exactly bold.

DZ said...

Fair enough, but there was enough flack to the contrary on the web this week, that we decided to stick with it.

coltsfanawalt said...

I love vision #18. That would be hilarious.

coltsfanawalt said...

To replace #1, I offer this alternative. JC's life story, now put to music and video, earns him a cult following by middle-aged men still living at home with their mom.