Saturday, July 26, 2008

Early Camp Reports

The number one thing people are buzzing about this year? Marvin Harrison looks like his old ninja self. I have to say, a return to form for Marvin isn't exactly what I predicted (I basically have just been playing the "if he's better great, if he's not, we still love him" card), but now that I hear he's going full speed, making cuts and looking good, I'm elated. I really didn't want that fumble against San Diego to be the last real memory we had of him.

John Clayton also weighs in on issue #1, and his report is good. He thinks Freeney looks like he's ahead of schedule.

Don't forget to be reading Phil B. He thinks that Pollack will be the starter at guard. Scroll back a couple of days and check out his answer to my question about his cryptic statement about Tony Ugoh. Apparently, there are a couple of national guys out there who are stupid.

It's not innate of anything, but FO looks at the Hall of Fame by team. The Indy Colts, of course, have just one real representative (Dickerson), with four more locks in waiting (Manning, Harrison, Dungy, and Polian). FO also mentions James and Wayne. Edge may well need another banner season or two. Reggie needs about 5 productive years and one more Super Bowl. Another Super Bowl would boost the resume of Jeff Saturday as well. Bob Sanders? The rumor is that he ripped the cranium off the top of the Dan Fouts bust and snacked upon his bronzed brain. For the safety of everyone involved, it may be best to keep him far away from Canton.


HeatherRadish said...

Are there any former Colts playing for the Rams this year? Their training camp is about ten miles north of my house, I'm thinking of checking it out.

Anonymous said...

Will be sending a report (hopefully tomorrow) from my time at Colts camp. But for a preview...yeah, #88 is perfectly fine.

Terre Haute, IN

BD said...

Do you guys know, given the fact that the active-PUP list still counts toward the roster, why put players on it? What benefit do you get from it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I think I figured out the 81-man roster. I don't think Manning is counted because he hasn't reported to camp. So, whenever he comes back, somebody is getting cut.


Deshawn Zombie said...

I'm not sure why you'd put guys on it, other than to explain to the media why a guy isn't practicing.

It's one of the "NFL bows to gamblers" rules that are sprinkled around football.

eric said...

Are you going to have the fantasy league again this year???

Deshawn Zombie said...

yes, details coming soon

Shake'n'bake said...

PUP question answers-

For training camp there are two PUP lists, active and reserve.

The reserve PUP list works like (is) the regular season version. The Pplayer can't return until after week 6. After week 6 the team has 3 weeks to IR, release, or add the player to the roster. Players on the reserve PUP list count against the roster limit until the rosters are cut to the final 53, then they don't count for up to 9 weeks of the season.

The active PUP list is for training camp. Players can't practice and can't be put on the list once they have practiced. Players can be taken off the list at any time. Players on the list count against the 80 man limit.

So why use the active PUP list?
A player must be on the active PUP list to be able to be put on the reserve or regular season PUP list.
So the players are being put on the active PUP list to keep the option of the regular season PUP list open.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. So Manning, Freeney, and Sanders are on the active PUP in case they will need to miss the first six weeks of the season? That's not particularly encouraging...

Thanks for the info, though.


Shake'n'bake said...

Just in case. It would be dumb not to put a guy that can't practice on the list. Why not keep the option open if it doesn't cost you anything (they are too hurt to practice so them not being allowed to doesn't matter)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.