Friday, July 25, 2008

Ok, I'm really starting to question my own sanity...

Because Bob Kravitz echoed today what we've been saying for about six months now. Freeney's injury is the one to worry about. Seriously, I don't know that I've ever agreed with Kravitz so entirely on anything he's written. The solace I can take is that we've been beating this dead horse for so long now, that I suppose it's possible that Bob just flat stole the idea from us. Granted, it's so insanely obvious that anyone with half a brain and a cursory knowledge of this team would agree. If Kravitz has passed the test, then I think we'll have to go with a different question for the AIASAT this year. Any suggestions? Will Jags revert to the mean?

Links: This is one of the funniest Onion pieces ever. The quote by Ned Yost at the end is gold. There was a shot of Sabathia pitching to Dunn with Fielder at first during a Reds game recently. That represents a LOT of tonnage.

CHFF turns on Bill Belichick like a Brutus impersonator at Ceaserfest 08 (for some reason I had a really hard time coming up with a good betrayal reference. Sue me.). Not all the points are good, but it's sort of hilarious to see him made of.

Michael Lombardi of SI gets the Colts right. If healthy, this team is a juggernaut.

Demond Sanders: Mike Freeman updates his annual jerk list. Only one jerk is Colts related, but it is disturbing how many of these people on the list were childhood heroes. #48, #31, #8, and #6 are particular favorites of mine.


Bob M. said...

Not to be snarky, but it seems that every few months you end up writing "I can't believe that we agree with Kravitz on this one" or "this is the first time..." or "unbelievablye we agree totally with Kravitz..." Face it, you are drunk on Kravitz Kool-Aid from his brainwashing BBQ 2007.

Kidding; he's cranky and sometimes way off target, but I actually agree with him a bit more than you.

Maybe a simple "et tu CHFF?" would have done the trick. While it's fun to see BB kneecapped, the flip-side is that Brady is deified even more as a result. boo. The jokes were pretty good, ranging from the first Thanksgiving to Civil War to WWII to 3 Mile Island--nice historical spread for a bunch of boozy knuckle-draggers. Of course they claim the Colts played the Titans instead of Ravens in the Div playoff. Oops.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Actually, I think it has more to do with the fact that once the Colts won the Super Bowl, Bob had to change his tune.

This is the same guy who once thought Dungy shouldn't be given a contract extention.

It is true that he was right about JO as well...hmmm, maybe I was too hard on old Bob. Nah.

bd said...

So, is Santi still unsigned? I counted the roster as 81 with him and 80 without, so I'm thinking he isn't. But, Kravitz says he's on the PUP list. Can you put an unsigned draft pick on the PUP list?

Deshawn Zombie said...

My understanding is that he is signed, but I noticed the same thing. Another story said all 9 picks have been signed. Josh Betts was dropped, so maybe that's your missing guy.

Even on the PuP list, you count toward the 80, which counters a misconception several of us shared.

bd said...

Even without Betts, I have 81. They let go of Tafralis, Burgess, and Crossett too. Still 81. It's kinda bothering me. LOL.

Bob M. said...

Michael Lombardi is right if one defines "deep trouble" as 12 wins and an early playoff exit. Most teams would be pretty happy with that kind of trouble. For the Colts, that's a pretty ordinary, and disappointing, year.

If we define our season primarily by the playoffs, which we've come to expect after such a long string of strong seasons, then yes, one key injury is indeed big trouble. I'm hoping that undersized should-have-been-a-pro-bowler Mister Brackett can stay healthy for the next 5 years or so. I thought his 2007 was superb. I'll take Kravitz's approachon Bob Sanders as well--rest up for 17 weeks to stay healthy and fresh for the post-season.

Joshua said...

Did you guys see the article on ESPN today about the new usage for IU's candy striped pants?

(wish I knew how to make a link in a comment).

Deshawn Zombie said...

great link. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I think the guy who compiled the list of jerks should put himself at the top in a tie with Roger Clemens.

It's been twenty four years, get over it. And he's been dead for the last eleven of them. Seriously, just let it go.

HeatherRadish said...

Huh? Fielder and Sabathia are hot. :P

Admit, the world will be a better place if the Brewers win the division than if the Cubs do.