Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday links

After enduring another brutal loss by the Reds, who are playing fairly well otherwise, I decided to surf a bit. Here's what I found:

CHFF doesn't seem to like anyone in the AFC. Actually, the Colts injury situation is pretty overblown despite what scouts say. The Jags losing Jerry Porter, who won't have preseason to work with a new QB and offense, is a much bigger issue than any of the Colts veterans being out. I think that writers get bored and keep hoping to beat the curve on the Colts finally not winning the division. They'll regret it come December. We might be sniffing the key question for the annual "Am I a smart analyst? test". (For the record: 2006 test was "Will the Colts miss Edgerrin James? 2007 was will the Colts miss June/David/Rhodes ect? The answer to both questions was NO!) We'll see how big a deal writers and pundits make of it, but this is running neck and neck with "Will Jags make the leap?". Injuries are ALWAYS an issue in the NFL, but with the Colts unhappy about the 80 man roster limit, it's not surprising that they are holding out more and more key veterans. Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.

The Skins getting Taylor for a second round pick is a great deal for both teams. It just shows how bad the Jholes screwed up by not getting him when they had the chance.

Apparently, Tony's quiet strength came in handy. (link found on CHFF)

Whitlock gets it right on Favre

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