Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst Headline Ever...and other thoughts

A couple of things that I've been thinking about:

How pointless is this headline? I read it and immediately thought, 'Shouldn't the insurance cover that?'. Then I read the article. Yes, the insurance should cover it. Then what was the point of the alarmist headline?

Remember camp last year? When we lost our starting LT before it started and then Booger a week into it? This year's spate of 'injuries' looks mild in comparison.

Tom Crean just got an extension. Good for him. This may be ugly for a year or two. He deserves job security just for keeping us all from jumping off the bridge.

I love Phil B. His comment on Kenton Keith is painfully short, but hilarious and informative all at the same time. We all flat know what he means.

I think StampedeBlue has done a nice job of covering the camp. We are still awaiting the report that was promised us by Sarah from Terre Haute.

Fox Sports power poll placed us fourth. The Giants? That's cute. Still, the description of the team was dead on.

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Anonymous said...

I hope to do my report this evening. But first...the apparent BIIG news of the day at camp: