Friday, July 18, 2008

No Jokin'

I figure that no one is reading blogs tonight because everyone is too busy going to see the Dark Knight. I wish that I would have seen it at midnight last night, but babysitters are notoriously hard to find at that hour. Demond and I will both be taking our respective wives out for romantic nights of comic book heroes. Ah, but we are so very suave. Oddly enough, as excited as I am about this film, I more a'tingle over the return of Mulder and Scully next Friday. My wife and I are taking a weekend away to Canada to check out cultural extravaganza of the X-Files on Friday and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival on Saturday. Chris Carter and the Bard all at once. Be still my heart.

Before I turn completely into Harry Knowles, check out home of Big Dave's Horseshoe Haven podcast. His guest this week is yours truly. He has a very solid podcast that merits your subscription. Enjoy.


John said...

Hey, Vanderjagt finally landed with the Argonauts. Wonder how well he does with punts?

jc said...


I'm sure you enjoyed the film as much as I did.

The 'other' guy was a bonus I didn't see coming.

Apparently, members of a team called the New England Revolution helped subdue a rowdy passenger on a flight from Boston that was diverted earlier today.

I just wish I knew who they were - or where they play - so I could go root for some REAL patriots.

West coast baseball.....

Bob M. said...

Don't forget the reviews, please, once you've seen the movies. We parents of 3 kids under 8 don't get out a whole lot, either.