Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Making things harder than they really are

I have one question for the Packers:

Do you have a better chance to win the Super Bowl with Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

I think they have zero chance to win with Rodgers. I think they have a puncher's chance with Favre.

So why cry if Favre wants to come back?

They are better with him than with Rodgers. They should be dancing in the streets.

Is there something I'm missing?


Anonymous said...

Text message exchange between Favre and Rodgers:

Rodgers: wtf dude i thought u were retired?
Favre: no way im comin back 4 1 more season
Rodgers: but this is my team now douche gtfo
Favre: its my team now so stfu noob

In all seriousness, Favre needs to stay retired. The Packers need to move on. He no longer has the physical tools to win a playoff game in January at Lambeau (as he showed last season). Rodgers may not be a clear upgrade, but at this point he has a higher upside.

Deshawn Zombie said...

He won a playoff game in Lambeau last January. Now, a scant 5 months later he can't? I don't buy it. Don't read too much into that loss to the Giants. That D was on fire (ask Pretty Boy Tom about that).

I simply don't buy that Rodgers is even close to as good.

Shake'n'bake said...

I never got an answer last post since the conversation went back to the ASG.

DZ: pro or anti Dee-Yarrrr pronunciation?

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm missing something, winning the Super Bowl should be every team's goal every year, right? Then I agree, DZ, you gotta take a puncher's chance over zero chance.

Now, if only Brett wouldn't make things so melodramatic...

Deshawn Zombie said...

I'm not sure if I like DYAR as a stat, but I LOOOOVE the pirate potential.

HeatherRadish said...

Is there something I'm missing?

The "mom talks to the media" and "texting notes like a 'tweenage girl" bits are funny.

Practically, the front office would have spent the last five months working out draft picks and contract offers expecting #4 wouldn't be a factor toward salary cap.

Personally, I think "I'll retire if you don't sign the receivers I want!" (Randy Moss signed a three-year deal the day before the announcement) was some sort of bluff he wasn't expecting management to call. Cheeseheads are going to be buying tickets and merchandise no matter who's under center.

Anyway, I think they call it again and file the release paperwork, and nfl.com adds another .jpg to the "Antique Hall of Famers wearing the wrong colors" gallery--and the Cheddar Nation is too busy celebrating the World Series to notice. ;)

Shake'n'bake said...

I really like how intuitive true yard's scale is. DYAR doesn't really fix the issue with DPAR being hard judge without a ranked list. It seems like sideways step from DPAR to DYAR, but True Yards is cool (though obviously limited).

Bob M. said...

Avast thar, I suspect True Yards might confuse a whole hell of a lot of people. Sounding to the lubbers like, well, exactly 36 inches and all. DYAR will probably not cause a mutiny and work as well as DPAR, I just like the concept of points more than yards. They're essentially the same stat using different scales. If one is more accurate, so be it.
Shiver me timbers, I use inches even though using millimeters would be so much easier. Why is that? No idea.

jc said...

When did Bob turn into Chaucer?

I honestly have no clue what the hell you just said.