Wednesday, July 30, 2008

There's almost no point getting mad about it...

But Mike Floria, Colts hater, continues to take to pot shots at the club over Manning's recent surgery. In a note about Manning arriving at Terre Haute last night, he needless tossed in this line:
Or maybe, just maybe, the Colts don’t want people to see how badly Manning is limping after the procedure, if he indeed is limping badly.

I can't tell if he's just trying to bust the chops of Colts fans, or he really believes his insane conspiracy theory. He's convinced Manning had his leg amputated and will miss at least 6 months getting a robot leg made out of toaster parts. The bad news is that it will limit his mobility. The good news is...FREE TOAST!


Joel said...

Mike Floria is such a tool. I don't know how anyone could possibly afford him even a modicum of credibility. I'd trust Skip Bayless' opinion before Floria's. He's clearly from the "if I keep saying something sensational-sounding, maybe people will read my worthless drivel" school of journalism, along with Geraldo Rivera and all those guys from TMZ.

Bob M. said...

I am neither a doctor nor do I play one on TV, but my concern about Manning's knee is not the mechanical aspect, but the infection. He was on an antibiotic IV drip at home--this was no sinus infection. That kind of problem, if it runs rampant, can devastate a person's energy and general health, or worse. 200 years ago, it'd have been fatal.

Now they may just have been cautious, or he might be "weak" for while. But I do suspect that the full story--if there is one--will never come out. This is an organization where just about everybody (post Vanderjagt) says the right thing according to the script.

My main cause for optimism is that this was not in-season and he didn't pick up a nasty locker room staph infection--every season you'll notice 3-4 guys from one team all getting sick and missing a few games with nothing in particular; that's usually the culprit.

So limping--that Manning can handle. But having no energy for a few weeks despite sleeping 14 hrs a day, that might be a problem. Let's hope it was just precautionary.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to read this guy anymore. I don't want to give him the view count. Maybe he'll be run out of business. Maybe I can always dream.