Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Links

We are currently working on some more articles so here's some links to hold everyone over.

Jeff Chadia picks the 10 most indispensable players in football. Anyone want to guess at #1 and #2? Yeah, you nailed it.

CHFF reprints the over/unders from Vegas. In regards to the Horse Shoe, take the over.

There is no less relevant story than this one. The Colts always sign everyone at the last minute and almost never have hold outs. This simply is no big deal. I wouldn't sweat it.

Marvin is going to show up to practice. Sweet. This season just got a lot brighter.

Manning and Brady share the top QB slot according to USA Today. Other Colts dot their list.

What? Now Manning might well play in the preseason? He might not miss regular season games??? GASP! I hate the media. How is this even news?

Check out this FO piece about Red Zone picks. The comments are worth reading.

Remind me again why this city has a franchise?


Shake'n'bake said...

That no-signings story wasn't just irrelevant, within a few hours it was wrong. Pierre Garcon is signed.

Shake'n'bake said...

oh yeah and just got back from The Dark Knight. Amazing.

Bob M. said...

Man, with Garcon on board, it's crepes for breakfast for the whole team every gameday this season. Sweet.

Regarding the Vegas over/under list, Pittsburgh at 9 wins? I'm not a bettor, but that looks like easy money to me (I'd take the over). What the heck am I missing? Are they assuming the Browns won't stumble a bit, or that Favre signs with the Ravens? Or that the cops let all the Bengals out of jail?

And as usual, betting the over on the Colts is a winner.

Shake'n'bake said...

FO hates the Steelers chances. Brutal schedule, the hardest in the league (NFC East-AFC South, Pats, Chargers), very good chance the line is even worse than last year's awfulness. Willie Parker carrying the load=lots of 3rd and longs.
I'm more optimistic for them, mostly because I don't like the other 3 teams in their division, but I definitely see where FO is coming from.

jc said...


I'd rather bet the Pats at 14-2 (and I will) than Indy.

A. Despite reading this blog I don't know enough about your boys and B. What I do know involves a hellcat named Freeney changing plays, drives, halves and games just by lining up.

If the homeboy Dwight isn't in the mix from jump street then that "statistically toughest schedule in the NFL" actually becomes kinda tough.

You know what I mean.

Anyhow - I just read that article you linked to on the Jags.

The fact that they gotta sell another 3K seat in order to "AVOID LOCAL BLACKOUTS" is a throwback to the glory days of the '91 Pats.

Why So Serious?

Demond Sanders said...


Need I remind you that the Colts went 13-4 WITHOUT Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney?

What do you think they'll do when their second and third best players come back?

Deshawn Zombie said...

Ha! That's actually a pretty fair assesment both of Freeney and our opinion of him. Rushing and protecting the passer are pretty much the core ingredients of winning football. The team that does that best almost always wins.

I'd say NE at 14-2 is a solid bet, but I think everyone is waiting to see if Moss's poor playoffs is due to the league altering how they play the Pats. Still, that schedule is so bad, I just can't see less than 12-13 wins for them.

I think the Favre thing screws with everyone. The Colts play the Pack...with Favre it's a tough game, without him we roll by 20. If he goes to the AFC East or North (Baltimore?), then that affects Pitt and NE records.

Hopefully, he just stays retired.