Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bye Jr.

Ken Griffey has been dealt to the White Sox. No details are available as to the trade, and he must approve the move.

I was hoping it was coming (he was going to be gone in a few months anyway, and I wanted them to get SOMETHING for him), but I'm sad about it. The Griffey years may not have been what we all imagined they would, but it wasn't his fault.

Thanks Jr. Get that ring.

UPDATE: Jr. approved the deal. The Reds and Sox will split his salary and a contract buy out. The move will save the Reds more than $4 million dollars. They also got a couple of players that I know nothing about from the Sox system.

Link: Ken Rosenthal can't figure out why no one wants Dunn. I'm telling you, he MUST be resigned.


Bob M. said...

News update: Reggie Williams needs knee surgery.

So, from Del Rio saying "we just wanted to have it looked at" to surgery in one easy step. Maybe he was "chopping wood" while running steps. Axes and exercise rarely mix.

In other news, I wonder if Jr. would ever come back to sad sack Seattle--I bet he'd still win a mayoral election. He was a pleasure to watch play.

Bob M. said...

Hey wait a minute! Isn't Griffey the kind of aging, past his prime vet the Yankees should spend $20 M a year on??? Bookend the field with him and Pudge.

Yankee fans, who hold a grudge against him for the 1995 "refuse to lose" playoff series, tend to forgive and forget the minute a guy pitches a shutout (Clemens) or hits a HR/steals a base (Damon, etc).

Plus he fits in with their generally corporate, stodgy, limited facial hair, limited public antics, All-American facade.

Damn those White Sox, spoiling Steinbrenner's shopping spree!

zac said...

Manny to the Dodgers, Bay to the Red Sox, four minor leaguers to the Pirates

Anonymous said...

BTW, one has to wonder if the Packers are on drugs (or if Bob Sanders decided to be a psychic zombie) to even consider...