Friday, January 4, 2008


Fox 59 Sports Director Chris Hagan sends us a belated response to an old rant directed towards some comments made on 1260's The Drive with JMV:

Hi, Chris Hagan here. Just found this blog mentioning my name. I guess we "wizards" weren't so off the mark afterall, huh? And that Patriot win over the Chargers is even MORE impressive now that SD is on a winning streak AND beat the Colts as well.

Thanks for writing, Chris. Sorry for calling you a wizard. Everything I wrote back in October remains true in January. The Pats are still a ticking hype bomb. Their win against San Diego is no more impressive today because the Chargers aren't any good. And for future reference, no one considers a game where Bryan Fletcher, Craphonso Thorpe, and Aaron Moorehead combined for 17 catches to be indicative of anything.

There are only two Super Bowl caliber teams in the AFC. The one your station covers, and the one in Massachusetts.

--Demond Sanders

p.s. Sometimes I google my own name too.

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