Monday, January 28, 2008

The Pledge

Demond Sanders (4:30:51 PM): maybe its the coffee talking but we should offer to get eli tattoos if the giants win
Demond Sanders (4:30:54 PM): or something like that
Deshawn Zombie (4:31:02 PM): yikes
Demond Sanders (4:31:25 PM): like peyton would say: you love it
Deshawn Zombie (4:31:32 PM): or better yet, DSRL tatoos
Demond Sanders (4:31:36 PM): NOOOOO
Demond Sanders (4:31:39 PM): lol

Deshawn Zombie (4:31:49 PM): or bet yet, pledge to eat a whole bag of double stuff oreos!
Demond Sanders (4:31:55 PM): done
Demond Sanders (4:31:56 PM): and done
Demond Sanders (4:32:28 PM): that sounds amazing
Demond Sanders (4:32:31 PM): i might do that win or lose


Jessi said...

You know, now that Oreos have ditched the trans-fats...they taste like spray paint.

Bob M. said...

Culinary tip: here's an old family recipe for making what I like to call "n-stuff" Oreos where n=the highest number of your choosing. Carefully open two DS Oreos, scrape all "creme filling" onto one chocolate wafer for each cookie, reassemble as a quad-stuff cookie. Scrape as much as is humanly possible onto the same wafer to achieve your highest n. I have never gone beyond n=8 but I am sure there are cutting edge types out there who can do it. Maniacs. This is not for amateurs, diabetics, or the faint of heart. I find n=6 to be optimal.
Good lord, is this what I have to look forward to, eight months of Oreo recipes?

colts girl said...

Personally, I like n=1 with plenty of milk. Once the wafers are good and soggy from dipping, they're fantastic. My older daughter, however, could probably pull off an n=8 or higher if she had the patience. And her sister would eat all the leftover wafers. Good deal.

I'm planning to buy Oreos on Friday's grocery trip now. I'll have to run a couple of extra miles this week, but it will be worth it!

JG said...

I prefer Nila wafers.

colts girl said...

Ugh. Only in banana cream pie crust. Plain I think they taste roughly like pressed sawdust patties (or what I imagine pressed sawdust patties would taste like).

JC said...


Pitchers and Catchers big guy. The saving grace from the depression of Winter.

Adam said...

All the major sports news outlets are reporting that the Mets and Twins are finalizing a deal for ace pitcher Johan Santana.

As a Mets fan, this makes me deliriously happy. As in, so happy, I was talking to my friend, a Yankees fan, and he mentioned the Chargers game, and between the Mets getting Santana and the Hoosiers at 17-2, it couldn't have been further from my mind.