Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 NFL Predictions Revisted

  • At the start of the NFL season in September we made 18 predictions about the season. How did we do? Check it out.

The Emperor is thrown down a reactor shaft in the end.


Bob M. said...

But what about "Mac Folgers?" Did Jackson congratulate him or not? Your verdict is incomplete.

I'd have guessed Lions fans would trade in the grocery sacks for plastic bags of death. Or at least send Millon about a thousand as a hint.

Maybe you can look to DVOA/DPAR to settle the Addai/Taylor debate. Taylor had a n excellent year and Joe did through 9 games. Then went on OL-injury- and coach-imposed cruise control. I think that a string of 5 yard carries is more valuable than a string of 1 yard carries and a 50 yarder.

You actually picked Johnson to do as well as he did? My, you're much, and I cannot emphasize this enough, MUCH nervier than I. Go to vegas NOW and let it all ride. That was a great call.

Stokley is a good guy and a fine WR and Polian made the smart odds move in letting him go at his age and with his health history. Glad to see him doing well. If they looked at teh NCAA and saw no likely WRs who would end up being drafted between, say, #20 and #60, maybe they would have kept him one more year.... I am actually looking fwd to our other Buckeye rookie WR being healthy next year. Maybe get a little 6-5 Plex Burress clone action down the field. Pey does not throw jump balls like Eli does, but it might make a good addition to his arsenal as he already does throw a nice "so high or outside it's either my guy or nobody" ball when things are tight. That's the kind of pass Marvin tipped back to himself in the endzone last year against the Pats. A really long WR might make that more common.

All in all, those predictions were not so bad.

Bob M. said...

Wow, I just read about Wilfork's third league fine this season. Eye-gouging Brandon Jacobs. I used to worry about Kenoy Kennedy cheap shotting Marvin in the playoffs when we played Denver two years running, but now it looks like I have to worry about another king of scumbaggery. Must have learned his trade from HGHarrison.

And Pats fans have the temerity to whine about the Titans being dirty. I guess it's true what they say: it's hard to spell Pats Fan without hypocrisy. Maybe Bill Simmons can come up with a clever new catchphrase, like Jacobs Face, when someone holds their hand over a bleeding eyeball. That's sure to get a lot of yuks in the Bay State. And if we're all lucky, maybe it'll get him clubbed and stuffed into a car trunk next time he's in the Garden State.

Sorry, I'm in a bitter mood tonight. Too much work.

Mosi said...

Cool post guys.

Surprise surprise. Wrong about the Pats once again;) Stick to what you know - the Colts. Love it.

As for Norv, yes what a mess to start the season but shouldn't you keep it at an "incomplete" to see how he does against the Colts in the divisional round? If he pulls that off in the dome, then he would be crowned in SD. But we really don't think that will happen nor WANT that to happen..

As for Bob M - get off your high horse, would ya about Vince Wilfork. Go to Wilfork's website for his explanation. In fact, what the heck do you think goes on at the bottom of the pile on EVERY SINGLE play that the camera does not catch 99% of the time. Relax would ya.

If you're a card carrying member of the Moral NFL Police, what say you about Darrell Reid's disgusting helmet to helmet hit on Chris Henry? I'm really quite curious as to your answer. And, after the hit, he pranced and danced around like Merriman and pointed at his name on his back.

Now that's classy Bob M, huh?

Enjoy the Wild Card games all, if that's possible.


Deshawn Zombie said...

Disgusting hit? He wasn't fined for it, flagged for it, or in any other way admonished. It wasn't a hit on a defenseless player, nor did he 'launch' himself at the ball carrier. He ran in a straight line right through him. Sorry, what Wilfork did was nasty. Reid's hit was good football.

Mosi said...

DZ - not defending Wilfork in any way shape or manner. What he did was plain stupid, and, frankly, uncharacteristic of this Pats team. He should've been fined and rightly so.

And the fact Reid wasn't fined or flagged for his helmet missle doesn't discount the fact it was a helmet-to-helmet hit. Plain and simple. (Taking this logic a step further - you must believe OJ is innocent as well b/c he wasn't "fined or flagged..")

You can't tell me with an honest face that if it was Rodney Harrison laying that hit on TJ Rushing, you'd be OK with it. Come on fess up DZ. You KNOW you'd have a separate blog post up post game stating reason #769 on why you hate Rodney Harrison. Don't deny it.


Deshawn Zombie said...

Sorry, I do deny it. I watched that hit a lot of times, and thought about the helmet to helmet angle. I tried to see if there was anyway to make that tackle without helmet contact. I don't think there was.

Oh, and OJ? He was 'fined'. He lost a civil court case. So that was a terrible example.

Mosi said...

Actually great example but you fail to see the point so let's not give the supreme murderer any more due.

Interesting - so you say "I tried to see if there was anyway to make that tackle without helmet contact. I don't think there was." So it was a helmet to helmet hit then?

Reid's Merriman-like celebration was pretty cool too, huh?

Ian said...

Not bad as far as predictions go.

And I think this article should put us in a good mood for the Jags game today and remind us why we'll never have to worry about Jerk Del Rio:

colts girl said...

Ian, I almost peed my pants laughing because of that article. Del Rio is such a bonehead! Thanks for the link!

Those predictions are great, as are the results/updates--you guys are hilarious. Thanks for keeping me laughing.

Deshawn Zombie said...

I think he clearly hit him with his helmet, but not every hit with helmet contact is "disgusting" or dirty

Deshawn Zombie said...

Oh, and I do fail to see your point. The NFL reviews hits. If it was a dirty or illegal hit, they would have fined Reid. If they do, then fine. If not, I can only assume it's legal. Your argument about OJ was a. not applicable and b. wrong anyway

Shake'n'bake said...

Uncharacteristic? That's the THIRD time Wilfork has been fined THIS SEASON for late/dirty hits.

Anonymous said...

There's a big difference inbetween a special teams guy leveling the return man on a clean hit (which was not helmet to helmet; he clearly hit him in the pads), and a 3-4 nose tackle sticking his fingers in the other team's running back's helmet and going for the eye.

The difference? One is a clean hit, and the other is unsportsmanlike conduct. How he didn't get flagged for that in-game I'll never know.

Also, Roy Hall will let us do a lot of good things next year. As long as he can work on his ball handling skills, Manning will be able to throw him those Moss-style jump balls.

Hmmmm... Harrison, Wayne, Gonzo, Hall, and Clark/Addai. How do you defend all those recievers?

Ian said...

Watching the Jags game, Del Rio's jacket is so ugly! Leather with a Jags logo on the chest. I think he's taking his fashion cues from the retirees in Florida.

And now he's challenging an obvious non-fumble! HA! I love this guy!

Deshawn Zombie said...

Mad Jack. Gotta love him. Who had the under of 5 minutes before Jack made a terrible decision?

colts girl said...

Here's Chris Collinsworth's tribute to Tom Brady. You have to suffer through a little, but it's hilarious.

Ian said...

I can't believe Del Rio wasted another time out on a losing challenge! I'm just speechless. Is there a worse in game coach than him in the league? I love it.

Deshawn Zombie said...

Tomlin managed to lose a battle of wits to Mad Jack. That was on both sides, one of the worst coached games I've ever seen. NE is so NOT scared of these guys.

Bob M. said...

So many comments here. Mosi, Reid's hit was not H2H. Watch it 20 times. The angles are not perfect, but it is possible he didn't use his hat at all, though his gestures afterwards would belie that. He lowered his helmet and I felt that was stupid and possibly illegal (not sure on the rules re spearing--is it only in the back? Are you allowed to strike with your helmet at all? You shouldn't as it's more dangerous to the tackler than the hittee. but I digress.) So I think it was stupid and unnecessary. Clearly the league had no problems with it--it's been a week. So, it was a clean 60 MPH shot.

Now, a finger in the eye, 3rd fine of the season, is a slower, more premeditated act and part of a pattern of behavior. Sorry, your f-er is dirty. And really it was the high-horse Pats fans at FO who constantly harp on the Titans (Haynesworth and others) who really got me going. Sorry if you bore the brunt of my frustration with others who are hyopcrites.

I HOPE that shit does not go on all the time in the bottoms of piles. Fingers... yes. Especially if there's a ball carrier down there or a fumble and it changes hands magically a few times. But eyes? Knees? No way, man, that's dirty.

shake n bake, Shhhh, don't teach them to count. Could be dangerous.

I know this will not sit well here, but I thought Jack's decision to challenge that last dropped pass and lose his last TO was worth it. If they got it, hell, that's a 25 yard gain when they were desperate. (you're not always gonna get the 32 yd gain on a 4th and 2 QB draw and kicking at Heinz has proven to be a dicey affair). Also it was close from one angle, a no-brainer "trap" from another angle. JDR was going on the advice of his guys in the booth. I thought it was worth it even if it was about a 5-10% chance. And in the end, since they were on O and had some control of the clock, plus 2.5 minutes to get about 40 yards, it was okay to lose the last TO. If they were on D and had no way to stop the clock, different story--you NEED the TO. And in the end, it did not matter.

Did either team look like they could have challenged the Pats? Not to me. Garrard was horrible and Ben had a Peyton-like playoff game--only about 4 incompletes and 300 yards, but those ugly INTs. Both DLs seemed to live in the other team's backfield. Nobody could run, two big INT rets and a kick ret proved to be the difference makers. Not likely against NE. Also, how do you return a kick 96 yards and NOT score!?

Bob M. said...

Also, since we are the inevitable crossroads of NFL and Star Wars (r), I have to ask: Am I the only one who thinks Ewoks and Lawrence Taylor look VERY similar, facially? Especially the mouth/nose? Somebody?

Kudos once more on the projections. I still think another movie series or long running TV show would be great fodder, especially since I know nothing about comics or video/computer games. I'm sure next year's will be another act of genius nonetheless.

Bob M. said...

Hey, Kerry Byrne, founder of CHFF, gives great props to the Colts in this interview.

Also, FYI, CHFF lists a link to the revised Star Wars projections, but it is not functional.

Yeah, they were probably drunk when they set it up.....